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  1. well I downloaded this to make it so that I can play diablo ii and NWN w/o having to find my cd's everytime. I opened up the problem, and realized that I have no idea what i'm doing (this is an occurence that happens often). So if any of you know how to set up a virtual drive, I'd be very appreciative if you could walk me through the process of fixing this up. Thank ya'll very much.
  2. please refain from the personal slander....Call me a "hippy" (as i believe you already have), but I tend to respect others' opinions, (irregardless of how ridiculous they may seem to me). I pity you if you do not have that same capacity of mutual regard for others.....wait...isn't that part of the Conservative Credo or something??? This thread makes me LOLIRL OMGOMGOMG!!! Are you two 14 or something?
  3. seen it before but still pretty funny.
  4. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG LOLORZ ThAt si like So KEWL!!!!!1!11 a/s/l?
  5. They just set up our network at school, so here I am. OMGHI2U
  6. Don't listen to him. All that matters is what other people think of you. DON'T DO IT. THEY WILL LAUGH AT YOU!!!
  7. Oneonta, Alabama...it's about 20 min. from B'ham. Although in 4 days i'm goign to school in Interlochen, Michigan. Which would probably be 40 minutes or so from bigred.
  8. Hey! give me a gigabyte of Ram.
  9. dude, i know a redneck when I see them, I"m from AL. Now i go to boarding school in Michigan and there are more hicks in Indiana/Michigan/Ohio than there are in the South. Wherever you have poor white people, you'll have hicks. It's not a southern thing.
  10. eh, let him hit your sister, then break his nose. Noone's going to argue w/ a kid who is defending his little sister from some little brat. Why exactly are you hanging out w/ a 7th grader?
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