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  1. Did i fry my 9800 pro or is it just a driver/software issue ^^, i have insane cooling on it and alot of air blowing on it, so i know its not a problem with cooling, but i do think i might of some how broken one of my ram modules, it just started happening one time when i was using windows... For pictures~~~
  2. Mod a volcano +7 and Bolt it on to your gpu, its heavy but it works amazingly.
  3. Sp-97? Isnt that for Socket A, and isnt Xp-120 only for k8 and p4? So really were comparing apples and oranges. Xp-120 does not work wih MSI k8n neo platinum, so dont even try.
  4. Why'd i have to end up next to Big red, anyways my motherboard collection is going to be shamefull next to his post. K8N-Neo-Plat A7N8x-Delux P4PE P4PE (some other P4533? cant remember)
  5. Find a way to Strap that mother to your Case :lol: FAN AXIAL 550CFM 230V W.W. Grainger EA $86.14 She's a beauty, i got one myself, works great and mine says its 660cfm not 550cfm and i'd believe it .
  6. Thats what i like to see Did you get the games working?
  7. Yea i noticed that my Athlon xp 2500+ @ 2.4ghz was kicking the crap out of my AMD 64 3200+ @ stock. But i do notice a Dramatic difference in real time loading/unloading. My Xp pro loads in about 1/3 the time of what it did with the 2500+.
  8. Do i have enough Fans? 1 fan 700 CFM Air Custom made Airbox, all you ladies can have fun with your water. The flow of air in your case is very important.(Unless your like me where your case doesnt even need fans to blow out the air) Another important factor with fans is noise, especially if your computer is located in a public domain in your house. I suggest a Blow hole/rear case/front case fan, and if possible side case fan blowing in on the Graphics card/ CPU heat sink. The above is true if your using less then 400cfm blowing in.
  9. I wonder if this is how kids grow up to have poor view of the authority/police, breaking into our houses. Man if anyone enters my house without some Badges or warrents then Ill be flashing a little bit of the 12 gauge and im not even legal age to use it.
  10. Ahh Im a little to pissed off at the moment so im gunna get far away from my computer as i can so i dont try to put it together again.. i think ill do something less harmfull like bending those pins back. Phew im glad to find out i havent totally f'ed myself over. edit* the only way you can unmount the xp-120 is by tilting it to one side after you have the other one off, that is why the back row of pins are bent. Edit2* after taking a break and eating for the first time today... I came back and Bent the pins back into place and Set it all up again. Its all systems go. Yay! That excludes my xp-120... its going to collect dust or get returned... Selling-> xp-120
  11. WEll i gues it doesnt matter anymore Seeing that i most likely broke both of my Cpu and Motherboard while taking that heat sink off. The Artic silver ceramique like BONDED like epoxy to my A64 cpu and Ripped the cpu out with it.... and managed to ben 1 row pins.. i think prolly more.. And my Motherboards socket is most likely broken also. Edit* dang Artic silver ceramique and xp-120...
  12. BAGH, I had to wait a week for this heat sink to come into stock... which delayed everything and now it doesnt even work.. <_< You make me sick thermalright! (though i like your sp-97) I might end up cutting some of the heat sink off, ill see how much i need to when i try to smush in my 9800 pro-- If i need to take to much off ill just get another one i guess..
  13. I have a issue, the XP-120 will not work on the MSI k8n Neo platinum no matter what way you put it, its to big and covers the agp port.
  14. This has to be by far the stupidest thing ever! Anyone have any suggestions other then ask if i can return this product? MSI K8n Neo Platinum+ Xp-120= No go for the agp slot.
  15. Yea Stability will be a huge increase because when you over clock the Heat usually makes your computer unstable. Take away that heat with the phase change and then those sometimes that you get BSOD when you load windows on a high oc, they probebly wont happen.
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