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This is how COOL Angry is...

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Hey all-


As I said in another post, I'm a noob when it comes to building computers, overclocking, what hardware to buy, etc. I build houses, so I figgered I could build a computer with no problem. HA! I will say that I am amazed with what you guys do to these "contraptions", and I can only hope to be as good as you.


I'm posting, becuase I wanted to tell you a little story about what it took for me to get my desktop up and running.


In early June I purchased the DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra B, an Athlon XP 3200+, and a 512 MB stick of pc3200 ddr400 Kingston Value RAM, from Mwave computers (mistake number one)...because they had the lanparty $20 cheaper than newegg...on sale. I get the hardware, open it up, oo and ahh, and notice gee, my PSU doesnt have that little adapter thing. So I wait a day (agonizing), and go out and buy a new PSU. When I try to install win XP, I was getting all sorts of errors..when I underclocked my procesor it would work, but if I sped it up I got memory (0x7f) errors, and BSoDs. So I make some calls, inlcuding DFI, Kingston, etc, and am told that my Value Ram is incompatible with my board. So I call MWAVE, adn after some fighting they agree to refund my ram, and i buy some hyperX. So I get the hyperx about a week later, and i give it a go...no dice. So by now I'm getting pissed, so I call DFI again, and my original tech is unavailable, so another technician, refers me to Angry here. I get on MSN with him, and we start going through it. We try changing settings, etc, ending up spending a few hours on the phone..and I still get troubles. So I go out and buy a matched pair of Corsair XMS TwinX (ddr400, pc3200), thinking maybe its Kingston that it doesnt work...and we still get troubles. Angry probably spent the better part of 20 hours working with me over 3 days or so. Then, I'm getting so frustrated with all of this, Angry says that I could send my board to him, he'd test it out for me, see what was wrong, and we'd go from there. I jump at that possibility, since I had no way of testing components (old computer was a 900MHz Slot A). I send Angry my processor, board, lots of RAM, and a hard drive. He sits down and starts testing, swapping out components, and decides I've got some problems on my board (bad IDE contoller, and a possible bad Memory contrller is what I think we decided). So Angry sends my board to the San Jose office, to be replaced with a new one, which they eventually do. Travis gets my new board and tests it, to make sure it isnt dead as well. And if you dont know it, we've STILL GOT PROBLEMS! By this time, I've resigned my self to the fate of using my 900MHz POS. But Angry, doesnt give up. He starts swapping processors, and it turns out I had a weak or faulty processor. But so I can have a working rig while I get it replaced, Angry sends me one of his "extra" T-bird 2400+ processors, to use until I get my own. Yeah...he lent me his processor, not really knowing me very well, on the understanding that I'd send it back (Fed-Exed it back today!). So I get my bad processor back, and after fighting with MWAVe ALOT, they fially refund it for me, and I collect my $175. About this time, Angry tells me to hold on to his processor a little longer, and to get myself a better video card first (I'd been using a Geforce FX-5200 ($40 off a friend)). I buy a MSI ATI Radeon 9800Pro, get it, and turns out I got an XT...running at beyond XT speeds right now. And very recently, once again, on Angry's suggestion, I buy an AMD Mobile processor, and buy a 2600+. Which I received the beginning of this week, and LOVE it.


So What I'm really trying to say, is that Angry, is the best technician I have ever seen in any store, company etc. And I turely do mean it...no normal tech would have put up with me and my babble...they wopuld have blocked me on MSN long ago. But AG has stuck with me, coached me through some decisions, so I can get the best bang for my buck, and has taught me a TON. Angry and RGone are more than just techs running the forums, Angry put probably 15 or 20 hours into my board at his house...all without getting anything back (little suprise in the Fed-Ex box). I really am at a loss for words when I think of everything Angry has done for me the past couple months...Thank you.


Dude, you rock, and if you ever come down to North Carolina, swing by my way, and I'll buy you drinks for the night.


Thanks so much! :D



Col. Howard

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wow man, that is truely one nice guy :) and im glad your problems are sorted, its exactly the problems i had with my old abit board, never found what the hell was wrong with it, now i also think it may have been the board


One thing is im realy impressed with the dfi support you get, and like you i know enough to build a pc, and change this and that in he bios and tweak windows but some guys on here realy take pushing the boat out on maxing your hardwares performance to new levels :|


I know via here now loads of new stuff, but although i googled for a good ram tutorial (to learn about timings and stuff, i never found a good one/one i understood)


Now we just need cloning and ill have my own angry games to support me on the phone while we discuss memory timings and shiz :P , its like those ask jeves adverts, instead of having your own butler lookin jeves to ask, you can ask your very own Angry lol

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:) I knew AG had been knee deep in alligators like he once lived in FL and I did not know though it was a Carolina gator. HEhehehehe. Got a freakin, tweakin, puter nut, part time contractor and IT tech bud of mine that lives up close to Ashville way. He slap nuts but a friend indeed.


He just got a 2600 moblile and work so rushed he aint' gunna try it so I told him mail it to me and I taste it out for him. hehehehehehe. RightoN. Glad you got such a good end to your beginnings and congrats to AG as he is still ponding the puters.


Sincerely, RGone...

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vee jus doong our jobs no? Vee steel gotten paden no matter vut vee doo fo coostemmaz.



Vell, zis "Colnel" vuz a veddy goot coostemmaz. Veddy peshint. He haf no yelling fo me. Ich appreciate zat veddy much. Vee at dee eff eye is veddy glad to be helping ja!

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lmao, i think you're taking it too far chowdy...


very nice story, though some of my experience with angry games has been... well, angry. he's a good guy, so is rgone. was totally my fault that my experience with angry games was angry, lol.


glad everything is working so well, these guys are definitely the only tech reps i would ever trust letting know i've overclocked :O lol.


to be honest though, i've hardly ever seen anyone fry their hardware overclocking, as long as they research what they are doing first and know the boundaries of what is considered "safe". the only reason why other places don't support people who overclock is because they want any chance they can to blame their own problems on others so they don't have to pay for them, lol.


not to start a discussion about dfi vs other companies or anything, but when i finally got a hold of asus' technical support, they sent me an e-mail that had an FAQ stating it was my processor... i returned the board and got another. similar problems. sent out another request, got the same responce. funny when i got my dfi, my processor was working just fine, lol.


just saying i don't think they just blow you off as not my problem like other companies sometimes do.

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I would have to say I agree with the Col. Howard. Angry Games and Rgone have both helped me through some rough times when I was making the switch from totally Asus to DFI and Abit. I did suffer some frustration in the beginning. If it wasn't for the two of them I might have just given up and went back to Asus. But I am glad I stuck it out. I love my LPA HO and my AN7. Angry even went so far as to loan me some hardware, which I still need to return....Sorry Angry.....I don't know of any other tech that would loan out some hardware to someone he has never met or even talked to for that matter. Just in the forums. My hat of to both of you....You are the greatest!!! :nod: :nod: :nod:

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you still got a giant sig Cainfoo...mebbe check the tags out


*blink blink*


we are here knowing full well our boards are made for overclocking. We tell everyone the same thing: overclocking is not supported by DFI officially nor by any other company. Overclocking is cool until you fry something, then you have voided your warranty. Show me one that does and I'll pay ya.


DFI is no different. Except like Kamel says, we acknowledge overclocking. And we are like secret agents that secretly support our customers knowing that they going to overclock, and we get paid to help them achieve this kinda stuff.


you fry it, its warranty void still tho...but we know you dudes gonna try to fry them every which way so why deny it...besides dont our boxes have something printed on them like 'overclock till your brain melts' or something? Sheesh.


company manager: hey lets make some kickass overclocking stuff


top level manager: hell yeah, that will make customers buy it like crack


company manager: yeah yeah lets support it to


top level manager:




that is any company. but since we put 'overclock till your jimmy falls off' on the boxes...we do our best to support it. Sometimes we go way beyond what we are supposed to (sending weirdos with names like 'The Colonel' and 'Foo' hardware when they could be part of a terror cell).


and sometimes we are so ultra lazy that if we werent hooked up to machines you'd think we were dead. Or so totally useless that you wonder exactly how we got this job...


me: id like to be DFI support


Jacky: ok. what is the FSB of a P4 "C"


me: I have pictures of you naked driving around San Fran


Jacky: so $50k a year will be ok?




and then there's this place...


me: grrrrr im angry hear me be rude and mean






mob: rabble rabble grrrr roar rabble rabble


ok so that one didnt make much sense. But the point of all this retardedness is that...if you treat us with some (key word being some) respect and really want help...we'll do everything we can for ya. The instant you turn on us like a rabid dog we can either just give you normal help that any monkey could provide, or we can pawn you off to some other techs within the company (our favorite pastime? heh).


most if not all of you that truly needed help have come to expect us doing what we can...even if its just little things. Not many require the kind of over-the-top goodness that I've given Sgt Collins or that other guy whatevershisname. (help me out RGone im bad with names).


and the best thing about THIS place...is you dont get "tech-in-a-box"


tech-in-a-box: may i help you please?


customer: uh, yeah. i'd like an IDE cable , bios reflash...and two ziff socket fixes. Oh and make that IDE cable a Round UV IDE Cable.


tech-in-a-box: will there be anything else sir?


customer: nope, thats it


tech-in-a-box: ok so i have 1 serial ATA cable, a NB heatsink, and two MIDI adapters. that will be $12.00 please


customer: no no no. IDE cable , bios reflash, and two ziff socket fixes.


tech-in-a-box: two I/O backplates, 3 Intel bios flashes, and a new carry strap?






while RG and i may not always be funny, nor in a humorous mood...we do try to inject a bit of life within these hallowed Streets. Sometimes its Sesame Street, sometimes Jump Street, sometimes its Look Out Cuz I'm Real Pissed Off And Just Lookin For A Reason To Vent On You Guys Street. But at least its rarely, if ever Boring Street.


you guys: yeah right now i'd say its Stupid Street


me: ?


you guys: shut your hole Angry. Jeez...what a maroon.


me: just trying to explain...you know


you guys: hey...didn't we just say shut your cakehole? God yer a freak.




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Guest culinist
Originally posted by Angry_Games



Jeez...what a maroon.



After all that, this is what made me laugh the hardest. Freakin Bugs Bunny always cracks me up.


Thanks for the entertainment. :)

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LOL, you're the monolog master... well, i dunno if you'd call that monolog or not :confused:


anyway, yea, i was just saying, it's cool that you don't act all like "oh, nobody overclocks, that's baddddd, shame on you" like other places tend to do. overclocking till it fries and expecting a return is like buying a new truck and draining all of the oil out, then getting pissed when GMC doesn't replace the engine at their cost, lol.

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