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  1. Ok, the cops said all of ym stuff, except my a/v receiver was trashed....like destroyed. They DIDNT steal the Powerchill XP....so if anybody wants it....best offer takes it...ignore my asking price.
  2. Everything now except the PowerChill XP is unavailable...my apartment was broken into and they stole my tv, my xbox, a/v reciever, monitors, and my spare hardware (my laptop and tower had gone home with me). cops are trying to get it back, but they're not sure it'll be possible. Good thing I have insurance I guess.
  3. yah..my server went down temporarily...they should be back up in a few hours.
  4. just wanted to let everybody know I'm running all 4 sticks, it is running T2. When I first booted ti up it auto-recognized at ddr333, so I changed it to 400 and no problems what so ever. YAY!
  5. ^ that and dreamweaver are the two main progs i use the most. A close 3rdwould be AutoCad. of course...plus all the games. So I'll just either keep or sell my other memory. thanks ya'll.
  6. I said if I didn't want to OC...and if 2gb is an improvement over 1gb, wouldn't 3gbs be an improvement over 2gb?
  7. I've got a gskill 2x1gb kit on its way, and I was wondering...if I didnt want to overclock it, could I run it with a 2x512mb corsair xms sticks of ram? Compatibility issues aside, is this possible? I heard somewhere the nf4 chipsets wont address 4 double sided dimms....true or not true? thanks
  8. cool...thanks cj and angry Hi momma!
  9. does anybody know if GSkil # F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ (2 gig kit) will fit under the thermalright XP-90c HS? thanks
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