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  1. BUMP!! Price drop and removed stolen stuff
  2. Ok, the cops said all of ym stuff, except my a/v receiver was trashed....like destroyed. They DIDNT steal the Powerchill XP....so if anybody wants it....best offer takes it...ignore my asking price.
  3. I bought most of the hardware on newegg...so I can d/l them.
  4. Everything now except the PowerChill XP is unavailable...my apartment was broken into and they stole my tv, my xbox, a/v reciever, monitors, and my spare hardware (my laptop and tower had gone home with me). cops are trying to get it back, but they're not sure it'll be possible. Good thing I have insurance I guess.
  5. pics working again. bump dont forget, prices ARE NEGOTIABLE
  6. yah..my server went down temporarily...they should be back up in a few hours.
  7. Col.Howard

    Can I run 4 dimms of memory?

    just wanted to let everybody know I'm running all 4 sticks, it is running T2. When I first booted ti up it auto-recognized at ddr333, so I changed it to 400 and no problems what so ever. YAY!
  8. Col.Howard

    Can I run 4 dimms of memory?

    ^ that and dreamweaver are the two main progs i use the most. A close 3rdwould be AutoCad. of course...plus all the games. So I'll just either keep or sell my other memory. thanks ya'll.
  9. Col.Howard

    Can I run 4 dimms of memory?

    I said if I didn't want to OC...and if 2gb is an improvement over 1gb, wouldn't 3gbs be an improvement over 2gb?
  10. I've got a gskill 2x1gb kit on its way, and I was wondering...if I didnt want to overclock it, could I run it with a 2x512mb corsair xms sticks of ram? Compatibility issues aside, is this possible? I heard somewhere the nf4 chipsets wont address 4 double sided dimms....true or not true? thanks
  11. Col.Howard

    Memeory height

    cool...thanks cj and angry Hi momma!
  12. Col.Howard

    Memeory height

    does anybody know if GSkil # F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ (2 gig kit) will fit under the thermalright XP-90c HS? thanks