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  1. So it's kind of like: DFI LP NForce4, best 939 overclocker you could get. DFI LP NForce4 Expert - Didn't add much for the extra you paid? So the 975 being your Nforce4 standard board, and ICFX being your expert - but to more of a extent. 680i boards seem to be clock out of the box, so hopefully DFI will follow suit with theirs? Thanks for the explanation towards your feelings on this board Happy_Games.
  2. Well im now running this bios, but have nothing to really report in terms of gain in the overclocking area. Current overclock is stable enough and can't really push any further, as smids reporting a small speed bump from my RAID0 array. Going to keep this bios on though, was using 704-1 BTA before which was a brilliant bios so nice to see this one match
  3. The DFI Nforce4 boards are known to undervolt a tad, and to the same levels that you are experiencing. This is good however, a board which undervolts rather than overvolts is welcomed by me, for instance 1.45v*110% should give 1.59v but my board undervolts this to 1.53 roughly which is what my opteron takes for 3.0ghz stable. So the reading in MBM/CPU-z is more correct than the bios. Apparently using the Special VID multipliers give more accurate voltage.
  4. It's really hardware specific I have found, right down to the small levels of detail as to which dimms you are running your memory in. You have nothing to lose really, a simple flash back and knowing what genie bios settings you had beore will bring things back to how they were pre-flash.
  5. The way to tell your motherboard is as follows: DFI LP NF4 Ultra - D only 4 serial ports, the serial ports (Sil1334) will not be connected to the mobo near the external USB header. DFI LP NF4 SLI-DR has the 4 extra Sil1334 ports. The UT versions are the exact same motherboards just without all the extras such as FrontX, Lan carry case and such. As said, they all use the same bios and drivers anyways, except the Venus and Expert obviously.
  6. Arghhh stop it, im going to end up testing this bios out if you keep saying good things. I'm stuck between the , it's not broken and performance is more than good vs Hmmm, the possibility of more performance at the risk of breaking something. Going to get some 3500LL Pro when I get paid, so when I pop the side of my rig i'll probably try this out being as at the same time I will have access to the CMOS jumper.
  7. As per everyone else your temperatures are too high, and there could be several reasons for it. You have obviously considered poor heatsink contact, so the only other options I would look at are poor case air flow or probably poor IHS contact. The Opteron in my sig although being single core had very poor IHS contact so out came a wilkinson sword razor blade and off came the IHS
  8. I also post on a english based overclocking forum with many users running the Expert boards and they seem fine with them. HanzoRazor I think is correct, where users were running overclocks on low vCore and high vDimm with CH/BH5 and the large voltage difference was killing the on-die memory controller.
  9. Any card should really do you to be honest for 2D work. You will get those which will aruge the toss over image quality between Matrox, ATi and nVidia but with a good selection of monitor and driver calibration tools out there you should easily be able to get your desired colour depth etc. No, all of that memory will not be used and is a waste of time on such a card (well for gaming anyway) being as 512mb of vRam only comes into play at large resolutions for games, where the processing power of the GPU will lack anyhows.
  10. I agree with CPDMF, Im running my setup with the 704-1 BTA bios due to having TCCD sticks. I have not yet tested this bios but I believe it would be a waste of time being as im stable and I have none of the bugs reported in the fix list, other than my X1800 and logo error which I do not have enabled anyway. Nice to see a keyIn FSB option though, holding down the down arrow 100 times to get to 300FSB is abit tedious hehe. Edit: However, thats just my opinion and im sure people buying such motherboards as DFI, for their memory options etc are looking for the most out of their systems and testing new bios' sure does prove a good way of getting better performance sometimes. So test away obviously
  11. Errata 94 and 123 are bios work arounds for known bugs in some AMD processors. 94 has something to do with a cache execution error on most AMD64 processors, having it set to auto in the bios will make the bios check which AMD processor you are running and enable the work around by default, and disabled means it will not at all. http://www.rojakpot.com/showFreeBOG.aspx?lang=0&bogno=308
  12. The 5.11's are out and support these cards http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=17495078
  13. When you install the Nvidia nforce drivers, it should install the nvidia raid manager.
  14. Well I ignored all of your advice and took the chipset heatsink and fan off. Well not because I didn't believe you, just wanted to look at the nf4 chipset, kinda looks like a athlon XP chip lol. I was not surprised to see that there was no contact at all on the chipset and the thermal paste looked very poor. Obviously when your mass producing boards, they cant lavish out on AS5 So I cleaned them both up and applied a nice thin layer of AS5. My chipset now idles at 38 degrees I have set the DFI chipset fan to full what when it hits 41 degrees. At full what the chipset fan is loud! Its got the same kind of screech the beginning of an air raid siren has lol.
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