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  1. Page 15 of a review of 939/DDR1 vs AM2/DDR2 vs old style P4 'not' C2D...this is the final thoughts page...interesting if one can read for understanding...of course pages 1 thru 14 are there as well with various benches...an effort was made to compare apples to apples. http://www.neoseeker.com/Articles/Hardware...m2-5000/15.html RGone...:confused:
  2. (1 long beep and 2 short). << is VGA error. RGone...:confused:
  3. http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/dri..._FLAG=A&SITE=US RGone...:confused:
  4. By the very definition of 'slipstreaming', no it will not have any effect on booting times as such. RGone...:confused:
  5. Orange slots were specifically what I used. RGone...:confused:
  6. Then you need to contact DFI in the Netherlands and see how they may assist you. Because over a year ago when this was all hashed out for a month or so...most found that at stock the board would sleep for most people...and I don't use sleep but hibernate since I don't trust ram for suspension and at stock my board hibernated every time and came back. RGone...:confused:
  7. Not that hard really...all memory sockets work out to have different trace lengths and thus react differently to certain timing parameters...the board is not actually built for vanilla running but more inclined in the direction of overclocking and the termination resistors for the orange slots which are only used with two sticks of memory...work out better for overclocking with the use of only two sticks...and is designed primarily for two sticks to go fast...it just so happened or worked out that the orange slots are most often the slots of choice...likely due the length of traces working best on those two memory slots... RGone...:confused:
  8. I am only going to say it one time and then you can all run off on your opposite directions. Warranty does not cover overclocking. Run the board at the stock speed for the processor and memory which is 200FSB and the board works fine in resuming at stock speeds. Simple. RGone...:confused:
  9. Trust if you wish raja...it has the 'look' of the same situation BUT it does not appear to work that way and in fact if not sadly mistaken...that old mod may/might/could in fact kill the board...so you can take that with any grain of salt you wish...just so that you do not step in over your head with a dead board possibly...of the two new boards the old mod was tried on...one died and the other never even began to give the good increase of volts to MCH one is looking for AND received on the earlier revs of the board. RGone...:confused:
  10. Ok guys , "thefabe" and "rxnman", let us keep it civil please. 1. The NF4 SLi-DR boards have been in retail for almost 2 years. 2. That the DFI board is often beyond the average user and what they expect to see with ease of setup is almost a given if only reading help forums. 3. When I first began to fool with computers and was more interested in performance than I should have been...a couple of 'old hands' gave me the best advice that I have ever been given and that advice is still what I live by today...the advice was to look at the runners, the movers and shakers with X board and copy their configuration...the logic was that doing so would remove most of the variables and was the only way I could reasonably expect to have similar performance. What I found was that by copying the runners and fast boys was that I almost always had zero issues either...the configurations were sorted. Saved me a ton of headaches and more so today with the mass of products available from all calibre of manufacturer. 4. When just computering...I set a board up chosen as in #3 above and give it about 3 days to sort itself out with an assist from me...after that it is fair game to be rma'd for another of same to determine if it is a board issue or rma'd for some other brand and deal with that brands quirks...and in general from chipset to same chipset across the various brands, all of the boards exhibit many of the same quirks and issues...it just falls on the DFI super enthusiast style or type board that is actually able to be pushed hard if configured well...to have the more problems from parts compatibility and user adjusted tweaking to run both fast and stable. 5. Based on #4 above, I almost always ask a person asking me about what I recommend, what they intend to do with their configuration...and if the words out of their mouth are I want to do X and cheaply...that automatically tells me that they need vanilla setup...just the facts of life in general...vanilla boards abound but there is no way that I would put the LanParty or LanParty UT boards in the vanilla category. So based on what I have seen in very close to two years of the NF4 DFI boards...they are likely as well sussed out as any of the NF4 boards...what you guys don't know is the rma rates of all brands and you will never ever get it from me either, but the DFI NF4 fares no worse than any other brand of NF4 board...good luck...have some fun...if it is too tough...get another brand and learn it. Happy New Year to all. RGone...:confused:
  11. http://www.thetechrepository.com/showthread.php?t=57 Shows how to use Thiaphoon to flash an SPD...but it is not for those that are not paying attention step by step since you make an error in flashing...well uh oh...sorry. Techpowerup web site has the 'wizards' new SPD flashing tool and I hear not experience it as being maybe easier to use...I have probably used thaiphoon over 50 times myself without a problem...but you never know. RGone...:confused:
  12. Ok ""morphinapg"", it appears that you miss most of the points that the users are trying to help you with...remember they do not have a problem but you have the problem and most of it seems created by your ownself. 1. If you running applications that you CANNOT replace; then why in the world would you risk a 2 year project for the sake of an upgrade...pretty outlandish idea in my mind? 2. ""motherboard, processor and ram"" << so MAIN functioning parts inside a computer case and you do NOT think it is building or assembling or configuring a new computer? Humh! 3. Vista is a bloated pretty face and very little more to date...M$ pulled almost every new feature from it since it started life as longhorn and is nothing really but some bling and drivers now on a DVD so the less computer litterate may have a better chance of making an installation...so put it aside until service pack 1 for Vista comes out...you will save a lot of grief for months. More than likely. 4. No body can tell you whether to try and boot your bios flash failure...not anyway anyone can know...If Winflash 1.76 said it had an error checking the bios flash then likely the bios flash is incorrect or have you already shutdown and REstarted the computer? Not clear what you have done with all your protesting about what you cannot do because of X conditions in your situation and life which neither the mobo or operating system care two fahts about. 5. You need to come to grips with the fact you got yourself into a mess that should have been left as was until you finished your two year project OR had the installs for the applications...because at anytime during a swap of motherboard/processor and ram...there can be a serious issue and all of the thing go in the toilet. 6. Power supplies that may have shone brightly in some other configuration...may be a dog running a DFI board...once again another point you did not look into before putting your beloved two year project in jeapordy by deciding to change processor/mobo and ram which is a new computer in fact. So you are going to have to stop...pay attention to some sort of data security and then figure out the best way to proceed...it may be that putting the old windows XP drive back in the old windows XP rig and running that drive from that old computer until you finish your 2 year project might be the most sensible route to pursue...cannot really say since you guys have been all over the city and run into dead ends of not having reinstallation files for some applications. Don't know why you download winflash 1.76 to winflash your bios anyway since the site for official bios download surely says that you are to use winflash 1.84 to do the bios flash now. http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bio..._FLAG=A&SITE=US That is the link to download official DFI bioses and has linked instructions for using winflash and also for the winflasher 1.84. How to flash BIOS Update BIOS by using Winflash Home > Download > LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please download the following BIOS according to your motherboard version where applicable. How to find your motherboard version? If users do not have floppy drive in their computer system, there is an alternative option we provide here. The “Winflash” program allows users to update BIOS on the platform of Windows operating systems. Users only need to download the Winflash program files and the needed BIOS update flash named xxxxxx.bin, save them in any storage device windows system have access with. Run Winflash Ver. 1.84 software and follow the instruction guide to update BIOS. I again strongly urge you to listen before responding since most of the guys who tried to help are trying to help out of the goodness of the heart...not for pay...and they in most cases have been there and done that and have the T-shirts to prove it. EDIT: ""I was told before that you should only flash your BIOS if you were having a problem, and I was, as well as Microsoft recommending it.""<< Every freeken company and that includes M$ says to flash to latest bios regardless of the issue and regardless of IF that is the most prudent course of action and certainly was a poor course of action in your situation...nothing in the later bios flash could have a chance to fix your original issue...more likely to complicate your issue because of different controller code in the later bios flash...END FIRST EDIT... SECOND EDIT: I HAVE USED WINFLASH OVER 450 TIMES WITHOUT ANY ISSUE...read that again! Now when it comes to bios flashing there are old heads, new heads, some without any heads at all and every version of opinion that falls in between...There are folks with ZERO dos skills...there are those that have 90+ % of DOS skills still left over...and know the value of keeping a floppy drive handy as long as there is any bios flashing going on...MAINLY to recover even a bios flash done from a CD...period...it is not going to be any different in the foreseeable future. The MAIN reason to PROTEST against a bios flash using WINFLASH is the user doing the bios flash and not the program itself...IT IS TOO D*MN EASY to just fire up winflash from a shakey, unstable windows and just flash away blithely with no thought to the future and complications. TOO EASY to just flash for flashing sake when the first thing to come along says oh my gawd update your bios. I go to bios and load optimized defaults...boot windows and then use winflash to flash the bios...over 450 times with no personal issue...but I know NOT to flash a flakey, unstable installation of windoors. After Winflash completes...I reboot and Load Optimized Defaults and then reboot and back into bios and reset bios/cmos to the setting required for my configuration. No problems...but winflash by and large makes it TOO D*MN EASY to just flash away with no thought to the future or of safety. END EDIT TWO... RGone...:confused:
  13. I wrote the only way deemed as possible in the last paragraph above >> http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...683&postcount=7 << were you not reading or just miss it? RGone...:confused:
  14. ""Anyway, XP32 will only can use up 3.5GB total,"" << and less if using Crossfire. There is not a rev2 board as such. Only a slight change to BA0 versions...I have tried almost every version/rev of 975X/G with the later bios 11/15/06 in specific and the boards all have the same better characteristics due the bios itself. IN TRUTH, I like my earlier version of 975X/G better because it is exceptionally easier to voltmod the chipset voltage which I do for running these cpus that stop at <3800mhz in general if they are 'not' X6800's and get them to run high with water that is kept below ambient or about 60F. I have done a lot of research on this 4 gig thing that even the experts or supposed experts cannot agree about at all. Shame if you are reading what is supposed to be the bible on something and even the chapters are in disagreement. I had all my 4gigs utilized by winXP32bit IN THE WAY IT WOULD BE SEEN AS USED...without the use of the latest bios supposedly addressing that issue.../PAE to boot ini and windows blithely sticks the other two gigs in a virtual memory section and merrily goes ahead using the 4 gigs...oh so simple once the perception of what was seen with AMD is forgotten and what the Intel processor/chipset is going to show is more readily understood. So I mostly stay with the 11/15/06 bios and continue to bench and work hard the earlier 975X/G that I have since I am well tuned in to it and modding it for higher chipset voltage. Good luck in the New Year. RGone...:confused:
  15. Plus this is likely falling down on its knees after a year>>> Antec NeoPower 480 <<< it was likely only just barely enough when new now it is just wheezing from a years work... RGone...:confused:
  16. Well boot and be recognized with the modern bios and APIC and ACPI...different SPD's will certainly dump the deal... RGone...:confused:
  17. Update your signature to show the current status of your configuration... What did you think adding one more gig of ram was going to do? If the bios AUTO'ed correctly it likely went from running 1T with only two sticks in to 2T with the 4 sticks as is supposed to happen and depending on the alignment of the planets the bios may have even dropped the speed from DDR400 to DDR333 which is pretty normal when just AUTO'ing from 2 sticks to 4 sticks...so the perceived performance would not appear any different. The only place where I have ever noticed any visible speed/performance boost when adding memory is when I have 3 browsers open, skype running and using M$ word or something all at the same time...something that indeed loads the memory down... RGone...:confused:
  18. This four stick conundrum is exactly why most people went for 2x1gig and get the majority of headaches out of the way... The situation is well enough known that DFI even bothered to make FAQ about it. http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/mb_faq_us1.j...TYPE=US&SITE=US Purchase memory all sticks at the same time. Also means all memory should be the same size. Now we know you did not buy both sets of memory at the same time...that is out of the way. Ocz Plat Rev2 has been around for a long time...meaning it came out a long time ago...however the IC's that make up the memory could possibly have gone thru a morph from TCCD to TCC5 and the SPD is not necessarily the same since they loosened the timings toward the end of production of the Plat 2's. Perhaps it is possible to take the SPD from the "later" sticks and put that same SPD on the earlier sticks and the four sticks would most likely all be seen and recognized and then would come the serious need to tweak for stability and performance...that about covers it unless the memory controller in the CPU is defected and I do not see that often...not out of the realm of possible...just don't see it often. RGone...:confused:
  19. PCi-e video card 'other than' this >>> Sapphire X1600Pro <<< board will probably boot fine... Otherwise rma the board...for something else. RGone...:confused:
  20. Old stuff...Google is your buddy...from possible virus to audigy issues. 1. http://www.file.net/process/nvraidservice.exe.html 2. I know this is a very old thread but ive been searching for info on the same problem and discovered its caused by the soundblaster audigy drivers. To fix run msconfig from the run box and play around with disabling any creative startup programs till you find the one thats causing it. Rcman and sbdrvdet seem to be the common ones. You could always just restart nvraidservice.exe after the error. Its in c:windowssystem32. 3. The Audigy drivers can cause "nvraidservice.exe" to crash after startup. Uncheck SBDrvDet in the Startup tab of the System Configuration Utililty (Start Menu -> Run -> msconfig) and reboot. See if the message goes away. This is supposedly only needed for an Audigy Platinum. Mar 16 2005, 01:44 PM yeah that's the cause of it.. SBDRVDET in startup. However if that was the cause of all the RAID problems.. MHH.. sick and tired of RAID issues and if I could just dump the RAID I would but now I'd have to backup everythinge etc, hours of work Mar 16 2005, 02:21 PM Mar 16 2005, 06:04 AM) The Audigy drivers can cause "nvraidservice.exe" to crash after startup. Uncheck SBDrvDet in the Startup tab of the System Configuration Utililty (Start Menu -> Run -> msconfig) and reboot. See if the message goes away. This is supposedly only needed for an Audigy Platinum. 4. Also google >> U.S. Raid Service error... RGone...:confused:
  21. http://www.marclayer.de/abbrev/abbrev.txt Computer acronyms...more than you want to see in one place. I have seen at another forum that you were advised to get in touch with Ocz about the SPD on your Platinum stuff... RGone...:confused:
  22. One or two things most likely. 1. Utilities are 'not' doing the full wipe... 2. You are on bios other than 04/06/06 and are trying to use the later raid drivers at F6. RGone...:confused:
  23. Yep Praz and in pretty bold red print as well...No sense in checking in a forum which may have found 'fix' that is contrary to manual if you are not going to go with what most in the forum have found to be better 24/7. RGone...:confused:
  24. You got a video card with dual NV chips on it??? Nope did not think so...turn this off """Genie Bios: Dual NV Chip Card Support - Enabled""" but you have likely got the driver for Sli so screwed up with that having been on that likely the video driver will have to be removed and re-installed. RGone...:confused:
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