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Sony 19" Analog Lcd $200


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i had a 19" viewsonic for about 7 ish years, owned it from the day it was new, till the day it broke. then i got an lcd, and i love it. and there is no ghosting at all. and this isnt exactally what you would call a great moniter.. AND no radiation =)

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yuck, CRT's are still the best IQ-wise, but at 16ms i bet you get more ghosts than a haunted house


rebates are crap IMO, if a retailer or company wants to sell me a $500 product for $200, don't make me jump through hoops, sell it to me for $200, all the rebates serve as is an interest acruing loan to the manufacturer


wow, so naive on so many levels.


I hate this whole warped vision you CRT users have that LCDs with a response time above 8-12ms is ..

:withstupid: On black friday I finally made the switch to an LCD (Samsung SyncMaster 914v). 19" with 12ms and I may not be a "hardcore" gamer, but I game on my PC more than most of the people here (and highend games too, like HL2 and F.E.A.R.) and I've had no ghosting whatsoever.


And the most important thing; the picture is unbelievable. 10x better than my 17" CRapT

no, i dont have one, but i have spent enough time on the net reading and talking to people who have/do to know that those that are serious about having the best IQ and no ghosting will tell you LCD's just aren't quite there yet
LOL! :lol:
why do you think video professionals use CRT's still.........because they are still better for accurate results
do you actually KNOW any video professionals?? Many of them ARE actually making the switch to LCD's.
the day i go LCD is the day one that costs $200 is 21" big or bigger, widescreen, true colors, not washed out, true blacks, not shades of grey, no ghosting, and run very high refresh rates........oh yeah, i can have that now, with a CRT........lol
wow. your naivety is astounding! Price aside (because to some people, price isn't an issue; if you spend $2k on a computer, you can't spend over $200 for a monitor???)

1. widescreen?? Are you using a widescreen CRT?! last time I checked, they're called TV's, not computer monitors :P


2. true colors? colors, pictures, videos, games...they've never looked clearer than they do now on my LCD.

3. washed out? just as with above, the thing I couldn't believe the most when I first got my LCD was just how much clearer and vivid EVERYTHING was over any CRT I've ever seen

4. true blacks? wow, what kind of redneck mom&pop computer "store" did you test these LCD's out in? (no offense to rednecks, or moms and pops ;)). Have you ever actually used a good LCD? One with high brightness levels and contrast ratio? I can tell you my blacks are as black as black can get. Would you like me to take a picture of my [email protected] console window?

5. ghosting? you're telling me from your "testing" of LCD monitors in a local computer store, you were able to test for ghosting?? lol. Or maybe I guess you're just going by what you (apparently) read in reviews. Guess what, as Pete said, most people who voice their opinions are ones with negative ones. This goes for any product....hell this goes for life; the media is guilty of this daily.

6. high refresh rates? as was said, refresh rates matter not for LCD's. It's about the response rate, and anything under 16ms is great for gaming or any process (though I can only personally vouch for 12ms or less, but I trust OCCers when they say their 16ms's don't experience ghosting).


guys.........there's a reason this monitor is "cheap", think about it

do you try to say naive comments with every other sentence, or it's just something that happens on its own? Well based on your previous comment about rebates, I see you don't understand how they work or why manufacturers and stores do them. Hell, do you even understand why companies have sales, or offer deals, coupons, discounts, etc etc. at all???!

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