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    *next years project* CM Stacker830, dfi lanparty expert, a64 X2 4800+, sli'ed 7800gt's, asetek waterchill , 2GB mushkin memory 4x512, 74GB wd raptor, and more than likely crap loads of blue chathodes

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    dirtbikes, atvs, tuner cars, building computers, new tech

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  1. nice thats like neweggs $1,500 heatsink or something like that a while back
  2. happy B-day Celt but we still havent seen linuxpro after 8 pages
  3. If you had to get a pre-build *gateway, hp, shuttle* witch out of any brand would you get..costom is not an option..... *i'm not buying one just wondering what you guys think*
  4. i said yes because im 13 and i needed it afew times but now i do what im told the last time i got spanked was when i was 6 lol
  5. im a boot person but for dirtbiking you cant beat your brothers lugs
  6. oh ya srry i just noticed the photoshop2 insted of cs2 thing but yes this was a really dumb question
  7. w00t ... thanks and i was gonna buy a intel comp so i can run photo shop lol they sorta lacked info on there site
  8. on adobe's website said the the system requirments where all intel proccys *i dislike intel* so can i use photoshop cs2 on a amd proccy? more than likly an x2 edit: im a photoshop noob .. thats why im asking
  9. ummm .... slipknot: my plauge slipknot: the nameless slipknot: wait and bleed slipknot: duality mushroomhead: sun doesnt rise crossfade: cold *normal and acoustic* crossfade: colors led zepplin: stairway to heaven metalica: st. anger metaica: enter sandman ah ill add more later brothers . me off <_< (he just sits around screaming cuss words at his ps2 ... can hear him over my head phones)
  10. com'on cant be that bad i stuck my hand to a bare electric contact it doesnt really hurt you just feel sorta confused for afew minutes *explanition* i was in my room all the lights where out and my light switch has no face plate and i grabed the possitive contact insted of the switch on the other hand eletric fence's hurt *i live on a goat farm* <_<
  11. yes i agree now that i have finaly whent to sleep but saying tha hardnrg has the best oc on opty's are optys harder to work with because i dont realy got the xtra 100+ bucks for the athlon ... i was thinkin mabey a opty 148? but if its easyer to go with the athlon ill do that... srry for nooby questions if im diggin myself in to harder project
  12. ok i gonna (very possibly ) build a system soon and i thinkin a athlon64 4000+ or a opty 150 venus i was leaning tords the opty because of the same stock speed and overclockablity .... what do you think?
  13. w00t got my second silver like 2 days ago
  14. ok sorry excuse my noobyness i thought they where both xp120s .... ones XP then the other is SI i've been up for like 4 days
  15. hmm i've never done this but is you can do it with floss or thread mabe the 6th string of a eletric guitar 6th being the smallest string its very close to the size a piece of thread and relitivly sharp ... but ive never done this
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