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  1. That's a web page proxy server. I need something where I can use WinSocks with, or change the Proxy setting in a mac.
  2. Last year, I saw people bring in WOW on their flash drive, and they were able to play it on the school computer. But when I tried yesterday with my laptop, plugging into the computer, internet worked fine, but none of the games would connect. So I figured they blocked the ports the game needs?
  3. Anyone know how to set up a proxy server? What program to use? .. etc Back story: For the summer, I got myself a boring job at school. I wanted to set up a proxy server at home, so I could spend the hours playing Starcraft 2, and WOW. I wanted to set up my own proxy server at home, to connect to from school to play. I've tried googling, but all the search results I get show me how to connect to the free proxy servers online.
  4. lost

    view vent passwords

    just upgraded my computer to win 7. i copied the ventrilo2.ini file from winxp's Application Data folder, and the servers show up, but none of the passwords got transferred over. apparently the passwords won't show due to security concerns? well i used EasyBCD to get back into windows xp, so is there any way i can view the passwords? turns those ****'s into something useful?
  5. Something went wrong with my OCZ psu. When I tried the paperclip trick, it wasn't powering up completely, the fan light was faint and same with the fan speed. When I plugged a video card, it wouldn't power up at all. (I tried 2 different video cards, I think my current video card got messed up with the PSU)(I tested both the 6 pin connectors, and even the 2x4-pin to 6pin convert, and the PSU not power on at all). I placed a ticket into OCZ, still no response. I don't have the receipt for it either so i'm not sure what will happen. If OCZ doesn't do anything, I'm going with a different brand. My old PSU, when that got messed up, Ultra, they replaced it and upgraded it, horrah for life time warranty. According to all the psu calculators i tried out, i should be fine with anything over 450, I figure 500+ would be safe. Hardware: cpu: core 2 duo vid card: 4770, might upgrade it depending on what xfx decides to do with the ticket hds: 1ssd, 3 regular dvd: 1 ram: 1gbx4 fans: 2 front, 2 back, 1 cpu fan My budget is 75, but willing to spend $100 at the most. Looking at: CORSAIR CMPSU-550VX 550W ATX12V V2.2 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i7 Power Supply SeaSonic S12II 520 Bronze 520W ATX12V V2.3 / EPS 12V V2.91 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply also recommended in the PSU list They have 5 years, 2 more compared to OCZ
  6. i'm a student and i work night shift at a hostel. i'm debating between 2 things right now. my price range is about $1,000. (1) get a slim laptop, prob a hp envy15 for both my schooling needs (to take to class for notes and not have to wait for school computers) and to game at work (2) get a refurbished asus gaming laptop, prob a g50/g51, for work ($600-700). and a slim laptop for school. i mean the 260m that came out in the asus g50 is old, but it still does fairly well in the charts.
  7. it kinda slid of its elevated platform and the front bottom corner fell an inch. now whenever i try to start it up, i'l just beep at startup and won't boot up. i tried a few setups: 1) just have the motherboard connected to the power supply. nothing happened. 2) motherboard+video card+ram. nothing 3) motherboard+video card+ram+HD. nothing 4) same as 3, but with the cpu this time. it starts beeping. would it be safe to assume i messed up the cpu when the front edge of the comp dropped an inch?
  8. doing a fresh windows 7 install on the SSD. since its only 80 gb, it's not enough for all the programs/games. i saw that link on how to move your users folder to D:\ and hard link. so i was wondering if that would be possible to do with the Program folder as well.
  9. well i need to do this sooner or later or the ssd will just die of neglect. lol. i read this guide on lifehacker.com on moving the user folder http://lifehacker.com/5467758/move-the-users-directory-in-windows-7 would moving the program files in that same manner be effective? i remember years ago when i tried to change the default program directory to another drive for windows xp, some programs didnt like that and would give me errors (speciallythe radeon app)
  10. i also think 1080 is too little for a 15" monitor. i run my 22" monitor with 1680x1050 and i have all my browsers zoomed in to some degree.
  11. that's a part of C++ we never covered
  12. in the forums, there is a thread with an author and preview. but when i click on it, the first post doesn't match. is there some kind of trick on doing this spoof?
  13. Lol, no such thing as spending 600 to 700 dollars on a gaming laptop?
  14. how is the weight of the g35? i have a steel 5h sitting in the closet because it feels heavy. i've been using sennheiser pc 131 for a few years now. no complains except it hurts my ear after long use, but i guess most headphones are like that.
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