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If I Were Bigred...

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Guest Flashstar

Since Bigred has always had the best components (at least since I became a member), I was wondering what you would like to have for a computer if you were Bigred and could buy what ever you wanted. :D

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FX-55 (not fx-57 yet because it is yet known how they OC)


2x 6800Ultra 512mb

1GB GSKILL pc4400 LE

2 raptors in raid-0

2 other raptors in raid-0

the current case i have that im modding.

either a Chilly1 PS or an LN2 cooler

edit: add me 4 of those 30" Apple LCD's cuz invader reminded me of them :P

etc etc :P

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Make it 4gb of memory not 1gb. and from a recent post, he has an fx-57 on the way :-P



I thought you were an OCer man? Are you crazy? lol what the hell do you need 4gb of memory for? You would get higher bench scores with only a gig anyway.

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Gaming rig:


FX-57 (oc still under wraps due to NDA with AMD)

DFI lanparty SLI

4gb Samsung PC3700

2 74gb 15k u320 scsi drives (screw raid at this speed) with 16mb of cache each

adaptec scsi card with an additional 512mb of pc3200 for shared cache (256 per drive)

16x samsung dl dvd-r

16x msi dvd drom

2 256mb asus 6800 ultras (512mb BFG's on the way)

256mb visiontek 9250 pci (only get 2 screens off the SLI setup)

Mach II

Enermax CS1082 tower

SB extigy

4 19" samsung LCD's (30" apple doesn't have a great response time to it)

Bose sound system


Home Theater rig:


P4 3.4EE no oc

DFI lanparty i875

4gb Samsung PC3200

Radeon 9600XT all in wonder

2 500gb 10k ata 133 maxtor galexy series drives (it's good to have family working there)

16x optorite dl dvd-r drive

16x msi dvd rom

SB audigy 2 ZS platinum

Antec SX1035B tower

stock cooled

50" viewsonic plasma

Logitec Z something or other...


servers... this is the fun one:


#1 Quad 3.2ghz Xeon

64gb registered ECC pc2700

onboard video

super micro motherboard

12 500gb 10k maxtor diamond max drives setup in 6 raid 1 stripes

multi channel NCR raid controller

Supermicro pedastal tower

hotswap 750w redundant power supplies


#2 replace quad xeons with 4 opteron 846's and a tyan mobo





and if you want to talk about an electrical bill.... try putting a crap load of dual and quad servers in a building for offsite storage. 58 SMP rigs running over there now. thank god they make $$$ otherwise I'd have to shoot myself.

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