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  1. sorry dude. it was good sarcasm, got me fooled. i get all twigapated on this subject. i will take a look at that site. Did i say sorry about that rant, cause i am.
  2. You, you are very narrow minded. If you call evolution a "so called theory" then I call creationism "a so called theory". Second of all, when I was in school, we were taught both ways. Third, why are you posting here? This isn't a board to push your organization's agenda. I suggest you go somehwere else before you get banned. BTW, there are a lot of findings and facts that prove evolution. The only thing going for creationism is the Bible, which isn't the most scientific thing in the world. Have a good day, sir.
  3. I think we are doing the right thing. Wait for the Middle East, South America, and Africa to dry up in 20 years. Then when they are dry as a bone, say, "hey world, we got lotsa oil. Who wants some?" Then we get even richer, better, and greater.
  4. MSDN holmes, I get it for free. I'll try it out when it's released.
  5. You have to configure the modem to bridge mode, or passive mode. I forget, but its the mode it isnt in now. . then configure the router. My DSL (bellsouth) uses PPPOE, so I setup the router to connect that way and entered the info needed. It just needed the main accounts email address and password. the password is the phone number the dsl is connected to.
  6. Which case are you using to fit that beast in?
  7. You are talking about a repeater. I dont think a wireless router could be setup that way. linky
  8. 1. 2002 Trans Am ws6 2. '70 Chevelle 454 3. '68 Charger w/ 426 Hemi 4. Infinity G35 sedan (commuter) 5. '69 Z28
  9. Download the nDVD stuff. It does seem to make the video crisper on nVidia cards.
  10. I live in Pembroke Pines, just south of Ft. Lauderdale. The heat is horrid this summer, crap humidity. The New York thing happened when some idiot at a power relay station in like Chicago or someplace grounded the power that was supposed to goto New York. But, yeah, no A/C is a real bummer. I would die here without it.
  11. Try disabling then re-enabling the connection on your new rig.
  12. That's got to be one of the most pointless robots ever. Japan should concentrate on useful things, like curing cancer, instead of designing women robots to replace hentai. Silly Japanese.
  13. At GNC they have protein shake mixes. Creatine helps, but you have to buy the right kind.
  14. There's a book called "The Hard Body Plan" by Men's Health Magazine that has everything you need to know about liftin. It has a lot of different workouts so you don't get bored, and the best diet for building muslce. It is possibly the best thing you can read for lifting.
  15. I think Big Red lives in a junkyard... Anyway, when I get my new car, it's going to be manual. The main reason is I need to learn how to drive one, the other because I want to feel in control. I hate AutoSticks and all of those things, most of them seem to have a life of their own, shifting whenever they want to. I want to be in control of when I downshift and upshift, not some computer.
  16. Sounds a little like what the KGB did, keeping tabs on everyone...
  17. Dasterdly

    Google Earth

    No idea what it is, could just be a glitch, but it is perfectly round, if hazy. Edit: Could be a plane coming into approach at the airport that's nearby. On that link for the Area51 guy, he has a pic of a bunch of holes in the ground, and he doesn't know what they are. The are from when we tested nuclear weapons underground.
  18. Suicide is still murder, and against the law. It's premeditated murder.
  19. #1 's stone matches the earings better. And I like number 1 better.
  20. try username : linksys password : admin
  21. I actually saw one of those at a gas station and asked the guy about it. Ended up that the guy's company does this and he was just coming from a car show. It's a C5,( possible a ZO6? to boot judging from the rims and brakes) with body panels that resemble the older vettes.
  22. You can call his bank and check the check to see if he has money in his account. I know major retailers do it when people pay with checks over a certain amount. The account number is on the check as well as the bank, it couldn't hurt to give them a call.
  23. 4 years of c++ in high school. "go to" is spellled "goto" for me.
  24. XBox = = 3 cores x2 + Intel dual core = = 2 cores cell processor = = new arch. Game dev making multithreaded games for PC then porting them to XBox? Seems like it will be easier, ie cheaper, to port games form PC to XBox than PC to PS3. So game maybe XBox will get more game title than PS3 for the first few years until cell catches on?
  25. I don't like the idea of an EU because of history. The European countries never agreed on anything and that led to strife and war, many times. If the Eu is formed, and becomes its own country, I believe that there will be a time when it will collapse into two opposing "countries" and cause a war that will bring in America on one side, and force other countries to do the same. We can have WWIII and a 1984 on our hands. 3 countries, 3 Big Brothers, no freedom. For the most part, the world is peacful, and the Middle East situation is slowly coming to a resolution. NATO I agreed with, maybe not so much now, as there is no more Warsaw Pact. The UN is too beauracratic(sp?) to get anything done, and lacks support. It is a great tool to bring countries together into an open forum, but not a great policy maker. The EU is going a little overboard. You cannot put so many different countries under one roof and have them run well. Case-in-point the Soviet Union. Even though the SU was commie, and the EU is democratic [sic], it won't last in the long run.
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