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  1. the question does not regard the "legit"ness of my copy, it was a simple question that did not involve any mention of this topic, I was hoping to see if anyone else had run into something similar even on xp, but now I am starting to remeber why I left this board in the first place.
  2. every time i try to start windows event logging i get this error : ERROR_WMI_INSTANCE_NOT_FOUND 4201 The instance name passed was not recognized as valid by a WMI data provider. has anyone heard of this happening on vista and xp? and is there a fix?
  3. I think he needs a place that sells one of these boards...
  4. Oh so you got charged a restocking fee and now you are seafood hurt?
  5. I'm suprised no one mentioned Nuclear..he didn't help me much but he always seemed to have some sort of tips
  6. So its a few days later and her butt is still peeable. And its not like she doesn't have 11ty billion dollars to pay for all the std's she has/had. If I got a free sandwich from carl jrs, 5k USD, and a chance to snot one off on a celeb, I'd be satisfied.
  7. Lol @ AMD Fanboy stinking up a perfectly neutral thread
  8. hrmn..I see no objections with peeing in her butt
  9. that is going to be the biggest loophole marvel has to fill
  10. I think its a great twist, its not accurate to the comic book version, but a new more brooding venom that lives in spidermans shadow
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