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Pc Problem


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looking for some help/advice

my moms PC is having problems i think it mite be a bad power core but i had to ask


ok the pc will lose power and shut down sometimes before window even boots

if it does make it all the way to windows log in it acts Extremely SLOW

waiting 10 and nothin in taskbar will even boot up


the ing wont stay on more then a few mins

could even thing as be cause this or is it time to geta new core


taking from bio hardware montior

info 350w power supply
cpu vcore 1.648v
vcc2.5v 2.464v
+3.3v 3.120v
+5v 5.187v
+12v 11.456v
SB +3.3v 3.408v
SB +5v 4.999v

Vcore temp 36c


i did open it up and make sure the power connection was pulged in right thx

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I think its crap psu syndrome....invest in somethin good nothin that comes with a case lol.....if thats the case but if not check all ur connections if u have them hid under nieth mobo tray check if there touchin



ps dust ur comp if ur really dusty aswell but looks like ur psu is bout to crap out invest in a new one quick or it will take other components with it

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If it worked fine before and it started acting up all of a sudden, it just might be as all the other said.if you have another power supply try it on

If you and your mom are the kind of peoples that do not open the side pannel too often, try cleaning the CPU heat sink and fan, it also might be due to heat ;)

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try running adaware or spybot etc

backup everything and reinstall windows as a clean install

then go ahead and change the power supply if its still acting strange


do you own a multimeter?

connect it to an unused plug and monitor the voltages while your booting the pc

after it crashes, check the +3.3v +5v +12v

if theres still voltage on these, it may be your motherboard

check for blown capacitators

you can tell if a cap is blown if the top silver part is raised or lookes like its bulging outward

a new good cap will be completely flat on top


if you do find blown caps, its time to invest in a good surge protector and/or battery backup

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