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    amd 3000+ @ 2.6 vcore 1.650 ram v 3.6v
    gigabyte agp pro dual bios
    ati 9600 reg at 475/207 orginal 324/175
    1 gb pqi pc4000 ram
    chembro modded case
    120gb wd 7200rpm 8mb hd

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    columbus texas
  1. IS THere nething that will get rid of this i cant search ne site!!! help lol ive tried it all see if u can help me !! got it....had to get a friend to do a search how to get rid of it lol had to go through the regedit..........hahaha oh well thx neway
  2. yall enjoy loadin yalls systems full of spyware and adware meh kazaa lite all the way
  3. ya i have a ddr booster from them layin around match up perfect with that ocz vx but ya ive been lookn all around
  4. IVe read up tons on em i mean i know really really good brands and i know when i posted this i would get flamed...... but did neway cause peeple here have long time overclocking experience but thx ya nice site thx for link was thinking that i was goin with some g.skill 4400 2.5-3-3-7 stock but stil gotta read up
  5. Neone have a straight answer and i quote "all bench mayb world record material" enphasis on the MAyb....yes i have alot to learn but i also know alot not to much experience with high performance parts i know lots bout everything else thouhg.....
  6. I know thers lots of which ones to buy threads but this one is strictly for overclocking i was wander out of all the bh-5 utt vx tccd rams out there wut brand is the best for u guys im goin practically all bench mayb world record material on my new rig DI or waterchiller or i might invest into chilly1s cascades... and im lookin for the best ram at nesize 256-gig dont care price dont matter lookin to make it scream wut yall find the best highest clocks lowest timings with stand the most abuse (voltage and wut ranges to but them in) just lookin for a great comparison from all you guys i know of alot good brands but im looking for the absolute best for this rig Dfi board (new venice or sandiego core 3800) ( insert ram here) (goin for cpu record mayb superpi for amd lol aswell)
  7. good advice thx alot ya it has a 3 year warranty i still have the box and everything ima look into it
  8. I was wandering if i could use someones 10 day pass if you havnt used it yet neone who would b willin to let me use that email me at [email protected] thx or pm me here thx again
  9. yes markie thats wut i was thinkin naa i was pushin 1.8 vcore on 754 newcastle moohoohaha.... but ya stupid move on my part my temps were 50c full load for 12 hours might have dun it but im not sure and ill try that tbone with the divider in a bit 50c isnt too bad though i wouldnt think that would do it.....i dunno oh well
  10. wut are some signs of burn on ur cpu cause i think i just did i start up and run find but only at a stock speeds nothing higher no matter wut settings even older super stable settings....... oh wll
  11. Very nice need to sleeve those wires in black or red and tuck em somewhere itll look 10 times better then but the paint jop is simply b e a utiful
  12. just as long as u do nice work keep the wires protected it should b fine for the long haul ive always wanted to do that but i have friends that have ran that before and it workd out good and is still goin
  13. wut type of unlocked multis and guides u got i know theres a pencil trick on this site would that work with this durry i really wanna make this puppy scream prolly goin into a wr bencher or somethin i wanna try to break some records on socket a with it im on stock coolin right now running stable at 2.35 runs hot its down right now but when i get a serious di container or build a water chiller im goin to break this thing for sure lol
  14. that is an air benchers dream moohoohahah but then again if u got ur finger caught in it ud b on a trip to the hospital with one less finger
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