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  1. thank you for that very informative reply <_< i will try to post ssome screenshots from the movie to see if anyone can identify
  2. i know this movie is old as dirt and many have not seen it or remember it, but i bought the movie about a year ago and am interested in finding out depending on how much you know about this movie, this is my question... i am looking for a list of the laptops that were used, specifically the clear one that was shipped to Dade what the heck is that thing? is it a mac? is there any way that some one out there would possibly know the model? i have tried emailing most of the old movie websites to find out that most of them do not exist or the site admin just wont reply to emails from their listed address. if you know what that thing is or could point me in a better direction, that would be awesome! thanks
  3. tiger does online rebates, so you dont have to mail anything in when you complete the order, you instantly get the rebate, input rebate info, the check and the hd are on their way!
  4. I need a x800xl!! i was completing my next comp build and recently fell into financial difficulties and all i need is this 1 last piece it is very generous for you to donate to fellow occ members most of which you have never met before your generosity will be remembered when i have alittle extra that i can give back
  5. howabout this for all you who bought dell junk .... Dude you got PWNED!
  6. why not trim a notch in the server's case? if you cant do that, get a server board from someone like TYAN
  7. well if i get a DFI LANPARTY UT 915P-T12 it comes with ddr and ddr2 slots will ddr2 4200 533MHz work with my p4 3.4 prescott with 800fsb?? or do i need the ddr2 800MHz?
  8. oh its definately ddr2, its printed on the ram itself came with my dell dimented 4700 check google punch in ddr2 3200 it comes up with a bunch of results its called pc2-3200 not pc-3200
  9. try unplugging everything (including all expansion cards and cd roms) only leave your keyboard and hard drive attached start into bios, set as 1st hard drive to boot, see if windows loads..
  10. i have 2 sticks of DDR2 SDRAM at 400MHz (pc3200) however when i look on newegg, they dont list any motherboards that run pc3200 ddr2 the drop down box only says ddr2 800, ddr2 667, ddr2 533 i also have an intel 3.4 prescott (lga 775) with this setup is the ddr2 800 that they list actually compatible with my ddr2 400mhz sticks? i am lost... lol
  11. im not a good dancer and the problem had nothing to do with an RMA whats the point of "online tech support" if it really doesnt exist if they didnt read my first email, they definately wont read the 2nd... im not bashing the product in any way ok im done now
  12. when you oc, you cant just crank the clock and leave everything else at stock make sure you up your FSB and voltages if you have some heave duty ram coolers, you might aswell go for upping the freq on em also
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