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well yea imma use it for OCing. imma get a cooling system when summer rolls around. i figure as cold as my room gets, having a OCed comp that can produce temps of 90s would be a good thing. XD hahah

and the 3.5" bays. well umm i have 3 right now (120[windows and everything], 40[linux], 50[use this 1 for all my torrent downloads], and wanna get a 200 gig soon) so if i get the cheiftec case, i'll get screwed huh? and i'll probably have 1 fan controller which i'll have in the 5" bay.

is there like anyway to increase the bottom part of the cheiftec case to hold more then just 2? cuz i know u can just pull it out, and maybe slide in a bigger 1?

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