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  1. I am leaving the occ because to many problems I keep haveing.
  2. worker


    Welcome to the occ. Thats a nice rig. If you want you can useing that computer for our folding team.
  3. I not going into the proccesor section again I allways get the information wrong anyway. Don t know much about cpus anyway don t have to worrie any more be in this form.
  4. You said it was the heat leave your cooling fans on high also try getting a new video card cooler or or a new fan for the video card. Cheap soltution.
  5. Well they all have low cfm but I would get the areacool extreme cooler. If you are will to spend $50 or a little more get the xp-90 or the xp-97.
  6. How long do hard drives last?
  7. You got to have fans in a case even if you got water cooling. Just put quite 120mm fans or smart fans in a case.
  8. Those are good temps they will keep going down as winter gets colder.
  9. I like the first 2 cases that you have there.
  10. I wouldn t get that got a good processor but the options for the video card arn t good.
  11. I have had that card got new driver did work still did that. Here is sujestion this card does not even cost $100. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-145-078&depa=1
  12. Folding brings your cpu up to a 100% load. Yes it is like running a video game. With hyperthreading I think to get it at full load you run [email protected] and play a video game at the same time. That is how you get the full temp of your cpu if you use hyperthreading.
  13. worker


    Do have to I run the sreen saver program and the other [email protected] program to be folding.
  14. The only difference I can see is one has a cpu fan in the box and the other one does not. Also the first one has a 60 day warrenty and the second one has a 3 year warreny.
  15. That is why you use ram heat sinks. Think it would be hard to cool ram escally if there were a lot of stick of ram like 3-5.
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