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ooh, of course, this group of systems would be accompanied by a fibe optic connection, and....oh yeah, probably a sunfire 15k series server! from sun too!

because sun r00lze! sorry no link for this one but i think they cost about 3.8mil, nice and cheap!



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I have the graphic version and it take me around 4.5 around do complete a unit when my CPUis just working on this.

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Took me this long just for this



Your credit:

Name (and URL) YODA74

Results Received 1

Total CPU Time 17 hr 51 min

Average CPU Time per work unit 17 hr 51 min 23.1 sec

Average results received per day 0.86

Last result returned: Mon Sep 9 17:08:25 2002 UTC

Registered on: Sun Sep 8 22:06:15 2002 UTC

View Registration Class

[email protected] user for: 27 hr 48 min

Your group info:

You belong to the group named: OverclockersClub.com

You are not currently the founder of any teams.


Your rank: (based on current workunits received)


Your rank out of 3960990 total users is: 2290478th place.

The number of users who have this rank: 319942

You have completed more work units than 34.097% of our users.

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