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  1. 6 and a half years and I'm still lurking around!
  2. I'm doing well! How have you been? I still look around the site and it seems I'm doing it more and more.
  3. I just started folding again as well
  4. ThAnks everyone!!! I've been searching hard for the past month for this mustang, It was hard to find one in that color, loaded, without leather and low miles but I found it!!!
  5. I picked this up yesterday. So far, I love it. 2001 Mustang GT
  6. Pre OC Takes all the fun out of it!
  7. same problem here <_<
  8. what needs to be supported?? do they need to be attached at these things or something? Full length cards are usally tend to be heavy on the end and this adds support to them full length cards will slide right into the slots on the purple/blue thing
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