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  1. At one time not to long ago someone here was looking for a Playboy bunnie didn't know if the person ever found one but here is one??? http://www.madshrimps.be/gotofaqlink.php?linkid=1803
  2. I think the question would be Name a WAR the US Launched!!!!! besides Iraq!!! The US has NEVER in History ever launched a war.. Korean war we were asked to help Viet Nam we were asked to help out Kuwait we were asked to help out kicken bin ladens butt that was in retaliation we were struck first you cannot count world wars becouse thats what it was the whole world was at war not the US against everyone else and again we were asked to step in... izzugotom World policy and history are one thing you do not know sheit about I just hate to think that you have the right to breed.
  3. tazwegion Think about what you just said
  4. good one ...Friendly fire...I think it must be the most unexpected-unfriendly fire you can receive! In every war we or anyone else has ever had there has been friendly fire accidents, Think about it... your cought in an impossable situation and find it very difficult to extract so you give cowardence to pilots or cannon fire then you puff smoke and they drop there ordinence right on top of you .. you hold your head and say your prayers becouse all hell is about to break loose ... it's a judgment call. Apparently YOU have never been thru this so your talking out your .... I have not a fun situation but nessessary sometimes
  5. America DOES NOT get it's oil from Arab nations 80% of our oil come from South America (Venezualia) only 20% comes from the Saudies..Europe gets all there oil from Arab Nations (get your facts straight)This is just the problem....Nations think they ....MUST.... solve other nation's problems. Were not trying to solve anyone's problem the problem is going after terrorists that Hit our country and any country harboring them is a target..And if it was not for the US Europe would be in a world of shitt. We were asked to help out during Hitler other wise we would have told Europe to crap off. Hitler was not our problem but he was europes. So we abliged and bailed there asses out. And lost a lot of good men and women in the process. You just want to antaginize people becouse you are a sorry sack of shitt..Why don't you find a forum in the country you are in and visit it. or is the country and people to stupid to have one. or are you really in the US and are just a lost liberal that voted for Clinton and Gore and know the Democrates don't have a shot in hell of getting elected the next time around???
  6. izzugotom And which nation supplies the most foreign aid, which nation provides the world defense of freedom, which nation feeds the world's poor and which nation is the number one contributor to the United Nations, which nation leads the world in individual charity? If you weren't so steeped in hate for the country that allegedly gave you an education and protected your right to make an . out of yourself in public, you would see that the immigration numbers indicate an inflow of people, and that the US is the most charitable nation in all of history. (the world is jelouse of what the US stands for) Non can match the might of the USA But you don't want to know that; you would rather bite the hand that feeds you so you can blame the USA for your own personal failures. If we closed our support to the world tomorrow and our borders the world would be in termoil.. Country's like russia,France,Germany Have forgotten who saved there collective asses numorous times in the past. All of this is against terrorisom and mass murder of whole civilizations. Do you realize how many Kurds Suddahm mass murdered maybe not as many of the Jews that Hitler did but the world closed an eye to him we will not close another eye to this kind of nonsence again.. The UN failed the world the USA did not And Bush Has done what the rest of the world should have..I don't agree with all of Bush's policies But at least I have the right to disagree it's called freedom. Read up on it sometime it's an interesting concept. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. I don't see why religion should even be a factor as mentioned it's a personal and private choice.If there is or there is not a god this decision is between you and him/her/what ever. The problem I see with it is will it be a senseless death? For something stupid like people don't like me? well bo ho ho, welcome to the real world. It would be a shame to end your life on a note like that (just for attention) because after your dead who cares. But if for a terminal illness and the thought of a painfully slow death, yes I personally believe in mercy killing. Such as bone cancer, brain cancer, A-lateral sclerosis three very painfully and lingering diseases. Hope your not complicating suicide,If so how about contacting someone here or someone else and have a serious talk before hand... I'm sure all doors here are open for something?
  8. Becouse of corrosion even with tepid water if you want to submerge then read thru these http://www.chemicalprocessing.com/Web_Firs...ID/DGRN-4UTTHU/ http://products3.3m.com/catalog/us/en001/e...ler/output_html
  9. cough cough Horseshit show some documented fact.That is a crock of crap
  10. agree and if spelling is that important Then why in the world do you see some that instead of typing you they incert a U instead I mean talk about killing a language and showing ignorance of course you can get IESPELL here http://www.iespell.com/ sits in your browser and corrects your spelling
  11. lily-livered peaceniks are against war, not because of the loss of human life or the decimation of societies, but because it shows the last 30 years of cowardly, "peace at all costs" idealism, has been proven to be the failure realists predicted. The inescapable truth is that there will always be threats to the West, by jealous, inept, corrupt and despotic regimes.As they sqaunder their economic and human capital, turn their countries into aid-reliant parasites, they refuse to change and instead opt to lash out at the countries that thrive through democracy, values and freedom. The apoligists for these thuggish brutes can't cope with the fact, their inaction and U.N. sycophancy has led to millions of unneccessary deaths. Rather than admit the truth, these milksops would prefer for millions more to die at the hands of fanatics and dictators, just to hold on to their pipe dreams. They are as driven and brainwashed as the enemies they defend. And as far as oil Considering that Saudi Arabia has three times more oil than Iraq, and its military is three times weaker...So oil isn't even a concern... No, we shouldn't attack Iraq because we're a big bully. We should pick on China or North Korea, because they're more our size. Really? Forget a week-long operation in the desert for the all-out horror of a nuclear war? Gosh, I guess the left doesn't care about nuclear winter any more. Were it not blatantly obvious that this piece of sewage was a leftist, the entire "It's Not Fair!" whine of his screed would be identifier enough. Rather than mass overwhelming men and materiel so that our troops can invade, secure and finish with a minimal loss of life on both sides (and by the way, there's a very easy way for Iraqis to lower their casualty rate - SURRENDER!), this fool would rather we enter a long, bloody, drawn-out process that ends up with thousands of Americans slaughtered so they can accuse George "Didn't Win The Popular Vote" W. Bush of being a blood-spattered tyrant.starve them of money for equipment, research and living costs, then pray that they die horrible deaths so the "anti-war American Public" can feel oh so morally superior. This is not attacking anyone person so don't even go that route This is a new era and it pertains to the world not just one country Dictators that kill there own people and threaten the security of other country's will not be tolerated anymore This is 2003 not the 1200's or the 1400 hundreds. The world has to live as a community to survive NOT under one rule but as a whole But no country can match the might of the US this is why WE are the keepers This is not a holy war God doesn't do holy wars this type of nonsence is rediculus thinking.
  12. ahh I think your talking about Dan Quale... your a little behind the times there All I can say about Bush is at least he isn't giving away secrets like Clinton and Gore-dhead Personally I haven't seen any politician run the country the way it should be run.
  13. Check the pressure rating for your hoses that they provide if any, your not using fish tank hoses . if your that worried use hoses designed for pressure washing.... these are way more than whatever you will ever need. connections are where you have the problems. make sure you use water tight connections... this is not rocket science.. Heck i have used zip-lock baggies and silicone for underwater photography and survived.. use your imagination.
  14. Pico no one would flame you for what you believe in you have the right to believe in what you wish... At least your not one who believes in WE evolved from monkey's.. which i would have to ask.. if so then why are there still monkey's? what the rest couldn't make it over the hump? Heck Al Gore made it... or your not one that believes only 149 thousand are going to heaven ( J-Whitnesses) which i also would have to ask then why are you trying to convert more people to your religion by going door to door? don't you think that would be putting you down the ladder of entry?? or you just havent sold enough of the Watchtower to make your quota??? just a thought.... believe in what you will God is supposed to forgive all and love all no matter what....
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