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  1. i think mine would be the better candidate for keychain. sooooooooooo bishop, wanna trade chips? hahhaa -tre
  2. cool! we should start a broken cpu gallery! -agent
  3. lol, been there done that, won't post -agent
  4. you know what~ i think this is the one that i used the pink goop on! because the core is all pinked up. i left the hsink at a friends house, so i'll have him double check that for me. yay, but still suxor -agent (lol mandrake)
  5. i don't think it's any big problem lol, nothing a bit of gum can't fix! has anybody ever tried to return a chip to amd? i still have 2 years on my 3 year manufac. warrenty. -agent
  6. quite similar! had as3 on the core, then tried to remove the stock heatsink (amd retail pos). i did remove it, and the core came with it: stuck to the sink -agent who wants to see more pictures!
  7. and your sure about this?? -agent
  8. it's not supposed to look like this right? lol -agent
  9. i have read many articles about doing this with udma66's (EnableUDMA66), but want someone to try udma133, as the string instead. i'm going to try this on wednesday when i have the time soo what (possibly) to do: 1) boot up regedit. 2) locate the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E96A-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\0000. 3) add the value "EnableUDMA133", as a DWORD, with the value of 1(on). 4) reboot windows 5) run back here and tell me what happens -agent
  10. okay: does anybody know what win2k supports, as far as udma speed goes? i have an ata133 drive, and i read about windows haveing ata66 enabled as it's max speed. I have seen articles detailing the enabling process of other than 66 support...but am not sure if i should be screwing with my regestry. any advice? -agent (asus a7n8x, [email protected]~ if it matters)
  11. she sure is---but whoa why are these things so expensive? -agent
  12. hahahha, i was there earlier, and saw the one @ the bottom (75$), completely missed the ones above it~ thanks -agent
  13. does anybody have any clue where i can find a reasonably priced agp riser card?---in the usa! the ones that i've found online costed upwards of 70 dollars~so i'm guessing they aren't mass produced anymore (??) thanks -agent
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