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Sceptre mon and G sync

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G-SYNC Compatible and G-SYNC aren't the same. 

G-SYNC Compatible is basically Freesync for NVIDIA for certain monitors tested and validated by NVIDIA. This was enabled early 2019.
G-SYNC monitors have the original G-SYNC technology with a hardware based G-SYNC module.

That monitor you linked is not listed as validated and tested by NVIDIA, you can find the list here if you filter for G-SYNC Compatible  https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/g-sync-monitors/specs/

One thing to note is that you can actually enable G-SYNC compatibility in the control panel for any Freesync monitor - not just those validated by NVIDIA. 
However there is no guarantee it works without issues (blanking, cutouts, flicker, etc) if you enable it unofficially.

I purchased a Dell monitor that was not tested by NVIDIA, but was tested by pcmonitors.info, displayninja.com and rtings.com to work fine with GSYNC compatibility enabled and I currently have this enabled with no issues however I looked for reputable reviews beforehand to be sure of this.

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