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z32 seats in a pos holden vr


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So had the idea of trying to fit some Z32 seats in to my beat up POS that is my daily driver. Then I managed to source a pair of seats from Robbo (Aus300zx) for a pineapple . They need a good carpet shampoo and vacuum but other than where the belt has rubbed on the drivers seat bottom bolster the seats are in good nick.


Anyway on to the work and here are the shitty stock seats.






and four bolts later the drivers seat has been removed from its home.




the stock bolt holes in the carpet/floor




side by side of the different rails, the all to familiar Z32 rails and the holden vr rails.




holden and nissan




decided to start having a look at the differences in the mounting widths of the two different seats.








now this next one is probably the most important and most awesome photo. in the first two pics you can see that the z32 mounting width is much narrower than the vr and the other photo shows you that front to back it is 330mm center to center. now center to center the vr is 300mm but if you look in the following pic there is another stock hole for a different holden seat that would use the same rails.... 330mm **** yeah the seats/rails are going to go together with very little to well almost no modification.



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So I got on to removing the rails from the seats and I started with the vr and one side came off with ease and then I was greeted with this on the other side.






Cannot get my ratchet into either end of this size so sadly i hate to say goodbye to my beloved socket hex bits




and hello to a set of cheap hex keys that i had




one was a bitch with the constant removing and putting back in but thankfully the other allowed me to do this




goodbye rails




and here they are and the height adjustment they have inbuilt which will be annoying later.




all the way up




laying flat




didn't bother with picks of the z32 rails getting removed because as some of you very well know it is laughably easy. 4 12mm bolts just gotta crack them and then they unwind by hand. nothing that gets in the way everything goes nice and easy but here are some side by side pics






decided to put the z32 seat in the car to give a rough idea of how it'll look and well that was a stupid idea i ended up twinging my back when i pulled it back out again and now what i thought would be done in a few hours may not be done today, anyway pics.






more to come hopefully later today.


and as to how the the seat and rails will meet up some angle iron i have will be mounted via the stock bolt holes to the vr rails and then the z32 seat will be centered on top of that. the front to back of the stock holes are identical which is what makes it all possible and the the narrower mounts of the z32 mean it doesn't foul on anything.

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it has been raining non stop pretty much here so i had taken a bit of a break but i got some reprive today. So then my phone went and died and it was bloody dark so no pics of everything done. However both seats are in and i am happy haha


Anyway back to about mid week last week and I was driving around with my "open plan" car as my sister put it.




My girlfriend decided that sitting here was no good and neither was been chauffeured in the back




so a stock seat went back in




yeah definitely prefer the z32 seat to the stock one and now on to the old bed railing that I used to adapt the z32 seats to the holden railing.




plenty thick and strong enough




got all four pieces i needed out of one side rail and was left with two bits like this haha




now this here was one of the issues with the drivers seat. Some lovely tabs that the passenger seat did not have.




so i just had to grind them off which is easier said than done as they move in multiple directions. so i did this to combat it and in less than a couple of minutes all four tabs where gone




and all gone




i didn't take any more pics than this at this point because it was getting really dark, okay the sun had set and i just wanted to get both seats in but here you can see the brackets mounted to the seat and the rails on top.




oh and i figure i should mention that everything is mounted with high tensile nuts and bolts so all up hardware and seats it cost my $60 and maybe 4-5 hours of work.


Pretty happy with it and pics tomorrow with more to come when it gets a shampoo.

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lol I was gonna say I think you got the better deal if it was a pineapple haha.

For a moment I envisioned pineapples being a rare and desirable commodity in Australia. :lol:

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lol I was gonna say I think you got the better deal if it was a pineapple haha.

For a moment I envisioned pineapples being a rare and desirable commodity in Australia. :lol:

Well the giant ones are, we only have one.

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So i unfortunately wasted 3 hours travelling today to find out nothing was on and i would have the day off grrr..


It did however mean i got to do what i wanted to do to the drivers seat.


Here in lay my problem




The stock height adjuster was getting in the way but i solved that by removing the handle after lowering it all the way down however that still leaves the seat rather high, far to high for me.


So it was time to rip the seat out again, four of these small bolts later...




and i am left with the slider mech separated from the height adjuster






Then back in goes the slider so i can make measurements and work out what i am going to do.




Discovered that the rails are not long enough and decided it was time to go back to the bed to cut it up some more.


Quite a bit of grinding, drilling and of course measuring later i had come up with this.




and then after some careful measurements and a little bit of delicate grinding to the rails (gotta clear some bolt heads) I had this






Much better if i do say so myself haha and into the car with it.


all the way up




and down




Ahh this makes me happy and some pics of both seats in the car.






Now then as you have all seen it is really time for me to get on with cleaning my car haha

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