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  1. Bought the Samsung Galaxy S7. A new set of wrenches and a Benchmade 555 HG off the Matco truck.
  2. 16GB DDR3 2x8GB 1600MHz of PNY memory for my laptop.
  3. OwinC

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    Aloha! Welcome to OCC
  4. OCZ 240GB ARC 100 SSD To replace a 120GB Hard Drive that was 8 years old.
  5. Grab a small heater to help the paint cure. Or if you can put it in the sunlight outside.
  6. I had the Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Evaluation copy. I just burnt a a copy. Loaded up the disc. (I tried the usb. But it failed.) Fallowed the instructions. And now I have Windows 10 Pro.
  7. Yep. It's a Kia. The ocv hits just under the lower intake manifold. It comes out about 2 inches. If there was a little more space. It would come out with no problem.
  8. Well I am now going to return the ocv for the Kia. To much of a problem to remove the upper and lower intake manifold.
  9. How about ink from a ball point pen. tree sap Elmers glue
  10. Everclear with Hi-C punch. any flavor. It will take your breath away with sweetness Then you will sleep like a baby
  11. Went to the ER. because I had a Thundering Migraine. Now I am a bumbling idiot on the internet. after getting a 2% Morphine shot in the hip.
  12. Bought a rebuilt altinator for the jeep. with the wife's 20% AAP discount. Rented serpentine belt tentioner tool from autozone.
  13. Went to the Watseka and the Walmart by 308. It was a total washout. I gave it a shot.
  14. Out of luck with Watseka. She said. "they are not informed about the sales any better than anyone else." Sorry Maybe Cyber Monday will have the same deal.
  15. Will talk to my sister inlaw. She works at the Watseka location. I can also ask my Mother inlaw to be at the Kankakee location. Or I can ask one of my buddies that work near the 308 exit location. Gotta love friends and family. Lol
  16. Eating Tomato Veggie Straws that I made at work.
  17. OwinC

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    Aloha! Welcome To OCC
  18. Happy Birthday Blue. You are still a baby. Still. Happy Birthday!
  19. What? no cellphone batteries lying around in junk droors?
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