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Tjj226 FS thread.


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I have a couple things up for sale. 


For starters I have an xfx 7970 reference card that I can easily OC up to 1200mhz. It can potentially clock higher, but with 1200 I get a decent balance between temps and performance. 


I am looking for 300 shipped. 


Sold to some guy on OCN


Next I have a swiftech extreme 360mm radiator that I am willing to take offers on. The only problem with it is that I am missing most of the mounting screws. I have been using this rad as an external radiator that sits in a bucket of ice water for benching my CPU.


Sold to hornybluecow


Lastly, I have a Corsair 800D. THIS CASE IS ABUSED!!!!! There are no PCI covers, there is no front bay overs, one of the Sata ports is broken, and I am missing most of the screws. Oh an it also does not have the cover for the sata ports or any of the stock fans either. 


I built a full rig in it, and used up all the 5.25 inch bays and all the PCI slots, and I have has this thing for so long, that I lost most of the accessories.  


Everything that is missing can be replaced directly from corsair for ~50 bucks. 


I am only looking for 100 bucks or best offer for a local pick up. I will also be willing to dive to pretty much anywhere in VA if need be. 

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