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Coolink Corator DS CPU Cooler Tested

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Once this guy gets in I'm going to play with a dual fan setup like the D14... Shaving a few degree's off with another fan *should* be feasible... I hope :D


Great review ccokeman ^^

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As promised, here is Munky's mini review both with and without dual fans...



Thermalright True with one fan (+ shroud / holder thingy it came with)

Coolink Corator DS with one fan(s)

Coolink Corator DS with two fans


Fan(s) used: 120mm Thermalright 1200rpm fan

(Why?! : The stock fan on the Cooling was "loud" to me...and just for no unfair combination of fans etc.)


Paste: OCZ Freeze, because it's awesome.


Spec's are in my siggy, though for the test I OC'ed to 3.6 (though the volt bump required to do so isn't much, but every bit of extra heat counts right? :D)


Ambient Temp: 26.667C (80F) <My room might even be slightly warmer, since I'm going by the thermostat for the AC-Unit about 3 feet outside of my room>

Yea it's hot, Miami, Florida >.>


All temps are average of all 4 cores though HWMonitor... it's what I use.. so far so good :\


Thermalright TRUE

Idle: 38C (38.3xx)

Load: 62C (61.9xx)


Coolink Corator DS (one fan)

Idle: 37C (37.4xx)

Load: 61C (61.3xx)


Coolink Corator DS (two fans)

Idle: 37C (37.1xx)

Load: 60C (59.5xx)


Good Stuff:

The Coolink outright beats my True with just one fan (I didn't expect that lol)

The mounting system... oh my freaking god, its awesomeness is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond words (mind you, my Thermalright was my first bolt-through heatsink)

Come with a Lanyard, and even a pen :D

It looks... amazing O.O


Average stuff I can complain about:

The Corator and my Dominators don't like each other much at all, and because of that I lost a ram slot

Though, this is also the case's fault, with the 180mm on top which forced me to mount it horizontally and to reposition my fan setup so both fans would not fight each other.. This would theoretically cause my case to get more dust, losing it's positive pressure to a negative pressure setup :(


Bad Stuff:

The stock Coolink fan was loud in comparison to the rest of my system.. which are all stock Silverstone fans and the Thermalright fan on the TRUE


Other random babbling....

Weird review.. but that's what I got, It just decided to beat my TRUE with just one fan, and with two, well that was just overkill


Dunno why the TRUE beat the Corator in ccokeman's review, but it's probably something to do with the mounting system on the 1366 skt vs my older 775 skt, since my TRUE screwed all the way down still can be "wiggled" just a tiny bit, while the Corator was locked into place, no movement aqui!

Or it could even be airflow patterns...?


So...what happened to the Corator and the TRUE?

The TRUE is staying in my system, while it is outdone, it's a smaller form factor, so I can hold my ram in place and not sacrifice one of these (now expensive) ddr2 stick

The Corator is now in my brother's system, keeping his e8500 @ 4GHz and happy with one fan (it seems happy, but I haven't asked it yet...)


Question bouncing in some people's mind:

Why didn't you test a dual fan setup on your TRUE?

Well, since to hook up dual fans I'd have to use zip ties (out of rubber bands) and zip ties had the urge to bend the fins on my TRUE, which I refused to let them do. The Corator has more distance per fin and they aren't angled like the TRUE, so it posed no bending risks :\

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