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[HELP] - Gigabyte EP45 UD3P OC


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Hi guys.


I'm haveing serious problems to oc my EP45 UD3P. I've tried every that i tought and was possible for me and nothing tought 450FSB!


Once i got 500FSB but unstable, just for few mins!


The maximum stable that i got was 450FSB/1.41v/5:8 1080Mhz 5-5-5-15.


Once i got 3.8Ghz(475*8 ) 1.43v with an ASUS P5Q Deluxe. So, my problem wasn't CPU!!!


To get 4.0Ghz(500*8 ) i need 1.55vCORE and everything @ AUTO, but just for few mins and crash!!!!


Can anyone help me?





4Ghz(500*8 )



3.6Ghz(450*8 MEMO 5:6 1080Mhz 5-5-5-15).







Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400S (ES)

Gigabyte EP345 UD3P (BIOS F9)

G.Skill 2x2Gb DDR2 1066Mhz 5-5-5-15


MB Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T.)

Robust Graphics Booster------------------------------------[Auto]

CPU Clock Ratio--------------------------------------------[8x]

Fine CPU clock ratio---------------------------------------[+0.0]

CPU Frequency----------------------------------------------3.6GHz (450x8)


******************** Clock Chip Control********************

CPU Host Clock Control-------------------------------------[Disabled]

CPU Host Frequency(MHz)------------------------------------[500]

PCI Express Frequency(MHz)---------------------------------[101]



******************** Advanced Clock Control ******************

CPU Clock Drive--------------------------------------------[800mV]

PCI Express Clock Drive------------------------------------[900mV]

CPU Clock Skew---------------------------------------------[150ps]

MCH Clock Skew---------------------------------------------[100ps]


******************** DRAM Perforamnce Control********************

Performance Enahnce----------------------------------------[standard]

Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.)----------------------------[Disabled]

(G)MCH Frequency Latch-------------------------------------[AUTO]

System Memory Muliplier(SPD)-------------------------------[2.40B]

DRAM Timing Selectable-------------------------------------[MANUAL](5-5-5-15)


********************Mother Board Voltage Control******************

Load-Line Calibration--------------------------------------[Disabled]

CPU Vcore--------------------------------------------------[1.41V]

CPU Termination--------------------------------------------[AUTO]

CPU PLL----------------------------------------------------[AUTO]

CPU Reference----------------------------------------------[AUTO]


MCH Core---------------------------------------------------[AUTO]

MCH Reference----------------------------------------------[AUTO]


ICH I/O----------------------------------------------------[AUTO]

ICH Core---------------------------------------------------[AUTO]


DRAM Voltage-----------------------------------------------[2.100V]

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Iknow that, but sometimes when i turn on my pc, it just start with boot loop. Like an fail OC.


Could you tell me your BIOS config? I already get almos everything about this mobo and till now i cant go over 450FSB!



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Thats a common problem with the Gigabyte P45 boards!


Also try to Google your board and looping! You will find a lot!


I had one that I eventually scrapped for just that same problem!


I agree, that 1.4v is to high for a 24/7 overclock.


With your Q8400S, you should be happy @ 3.6GHz, anything more will take to much voltage, and you'll need the best cpu cooler ever made!


If you want to try more, you can set your cpu pll to 1.6v

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These are my temps with a 24/7 overclock of 3.975GHz & a True Black 120, thats not even lapped yet.

I'm lapping it and my cpu this weekend.


These are my temps after an hour of stress testing with the OCCT stress test


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may i recommend raising the north-bridge voltage , 1.4vcore is basically intels max for that chip.


my Q8400 is running @ 3.2 with stock cooling until tomorrow . 3.8GHz is about as much as your guna get from with this chip

(unless your lucky and have a lower stock voltage on the vcore)

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