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  1. 1.4vcore? thats quite high for intel
  2. thanks Jessica that's really help.. really appreciate it though
  3. helllo............................................
  4. do international postage?
  5. I've had installed both version.. but both encountered same problem..
  6. I spent most of Saturday trying to install Windows 7, with a spectacular lack of success! At first all seemed to be going well and I got the Win7 desktop and had a look at various bits. Then I changed the Workgroup name so that it would be on the same one as my other machines and I could copy some files across, that of course needed a restart. The boot process got as far as 'verifying DMI pool data' and hung. I tried installing it again, and that only got as far as the first restart and once again it hung at 'verifying DMI pool data'. At this point I changed the hard disk and installed Win7 again, that got to the first restart and yet again it hung at 'verifying DMI pool data'. I then installed XP Home on the same drive, getting the XP install to format the drive to remove any traces of Win7, XP installed OK and had no problems with restarts. I then started the Win7 install from within XP, and once again it hung at 'verifying DMI pool data' on the first restart!! Google came up with a wonderful array suggestions about what to do about PCs that hang with 'verifying DMI pool data', but none of them made any difference. I've come to the conclusion that the problem lies with the Windows 7 installation. I've now fitted my original hard disk with my XP system on it back into the machine and the problem has disappeared. Has anyone else had this?
  7. i hv 4gb ram now.. on page file what shud i put the best?
  8. i just make the 160x2 for my c n 80gb for temp/tmp
  9. 160GB: Pagefile*, TEMP/TMP**, Scratch scratch is whut??
  10. thanks will follow ur guide
  11. thanks :clap: will follow ur guide
  12. something else please.. student with tight budget here..
  13. SSDs quite costly.. still student.. hv to raise fund to buy one.. so then i'll stick to 160b for c:\,160gb for the rest.., 1TB for storage
  14. not that site only..mostly every site
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