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    I have a lot of interests, but being both retired, and disabled, computers keep me busy. I love overclocking, upgrading, trouble shooting & fixing problems.


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    Case-CM ATCS 840 (all air cooled)
    Asus Rampage III Formula (1366)
    Intel i7 980X -On Air
    CPU Cooler-Prolimatech Mega Shadow
    2-GTX480's (SLI)
    5-WD VilociRaptors (Raid-0)
    1-128Gb Crucial 6Gb SATA SSD (OS)
    1-WD 1.5TB (64Mb Cache) eSATA Backup (external drive)
    SilverStone 1.5 KW PSU
    Acer H243H 2ms Monitor
    Razor Lycosa Gaming Keyboard
    Sidewinder X3 mouse
    Logitech Z2300 Sound System
    SB Titanium Pro Sound Card
    APC 2200 smart UPS
  1. AIinc

    Q9650 4.0GHz Help

    Whatever, everybody here was telling him to set his cpu vcore to 1.4v and 1.45v, thats just irresponsible advice! Q9650's run on very low vcore! Uploaded with ImageShack.us & he's not running a Kentsfield, it's a Yorkfield!
  2. AIinc

    Q9650 4.0GHz Help

    Thats my old setup! It was never your vcore! Your NB voltage needs at least 1.45v to 1.47v (with 8Gb's of memory, even 1.5v) Your CPU PLL needs to go up to 1.64v to 1.65v Also tweak your VTT voltage UP a little! You should be able to run stable at 4GHz with 1.28 vcore (I know this because I've done it many times with multiple CPU's) Set your memory timings and your memory voltage manually (to it's specs) Keep Load Line calibration enabled! You can go ahead and re-enable the spread spectrum! Your temps are bad! I'd never let a Q9650 go over 65C under full load! You may need a better cpu cooler! What are you using now??? If your using Prime 95 to check your cpu, use the Small fft's setting! Let it run for at least 2 & 1/2 hours! If your using Prime 95 to test your memory, then just use the default setting (Blend test). Let it run for at least 2 & 1/2 hours! OCCT is also a great stability test! Use Real Temp, or Core Temp, to monitor your cpu cores! Also, don't use the OCCT linpack test! Just the normal stress test! I've used this board (your board), for many overclocking competitions, and it's a rock solid board!!! Hope this all helps!
  3. AIinc

    Fried mono?

    What spectrascope said!
  4. AIinc

    gaming rig build, help needed please

    Ditch that PSU! Use a: PC power & cooling SilverStone Corsair These will give you stable, clean power! For the video card, I would go with the MSI Lightning HD5870 It's unlocked, and runs very cool, and kills the 6870!
  5. AIinc

    Fried mono?

    AC5 is no longer the best you can use, and it's also conductive! If you got some on your MB, and it was on or across any 2 connections, your MB is probably fried, and hopefully thats all. MX-2, MX-3, and MX-4 are non conductive, and non capacitive, and all 3 are better thermal compounds than AC5 When you power up, do any lights what so ever, or any fans start up? Does your board show any signs of life? If your MB isn't to old, you should call Asus to RMA the board. Otherwise, if you don't see any signs of life at all, when you fire it up, it's time to shop for a new MB. & get some better thermal compound!
  6. AIinc

    5770 to 6870 ?

    I'm with Dr.D on this! The 5870 & 5970 are still the top performers of ATI/AMD The 6800 series are mid level performers, not enthusiast level cards! Looking forward to see the 6900 series cards!
  7. AIinc

    I7 920 temp problem while gaming

    Don't worry nahuelcutrera! Ya, the stock Intel cooler really does suck! Just get yourself a good aftermarket cooler, and your temps will drop! Best Coolers: Prolimatech Megahalems Rev.B Thermalright Venomous X Noctua NH-D14 Thermalright True Black 120 Noctua NH-U12P CORSAIR Cooling H50 CORSAIR Cooling H70 COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus To you others, you should ease up on new people asking questions!
  8. AIinc

    RAID0 caused lower PCMark05 score??

    Thanks Waco!
  9. I love my Canon iP4700, cheap ink to, from TylerMartin.com
  10. AIinc


    I love it, although I did have my doubts because it has multiple 12v rails! So far, I've had it running for about 4 months, and the reason for getting it was because I was going to run 3-GTX480's (Tri-SLI), and I did for a short while, and the SilverStone ran great! I had a PC p&c 1200w, but was worried that I might use to much of it when running 3-GTX480's I don't like to, need to use, more than 70% of the PSU's capabilities. So I thought the SilverStone was a good choice for me. So far I've been very pleased! Very strong 12v rails, and very clean power! All of my Voltages are just a bit over there specs. & have monitored them while using bench's, like wPrime 1024 & 32 The power doesn't waiver!
  11. AIinc

    RAID0 caused lower PCMark05 score??

    I'd say to run Crystal Disk Mark, and see what your read/write speeds are! I'm not sure what kind of weight PCMark05 gives disk space, or speed for that matter? But if your only reason to build a raid-0 array was to get a better score in PCMark05, then I'd suggest just going back to the way it was! Not sure what else to tell you, but I like a Raid-0 array, for the quicker read/write times. I hear SSD's do very well in PCMark05!
  12. If you just want a "leave it, or swap cards" answer, I'd have to say leave it as is! But yes, for gaming, I would recommend a better card!
  13. AIinc


    I would say, stay away from that one! In my opinion, PSU's at 1000 watts or less, your best performers will have a single 12 volt rail. The closest to your price range would be this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817256057 Also the OCZ has a single 12 volt rail, but is pricier! Some of my Favorites are: PC power & cooling SilverStone Corsair All of which will probably cost more. I will amend my statement, cause if Capitan says it's a good one, then you can trust him!
  14. AIinc

    X58 choice

    Yep, all good choices, but do you know why the board burnt? Have you checked your power supply unit, to see if it was the culprit? When PSU's go bad, they can take other computer components with it! (ie: motherboard)
  15. AIinc

    Heatsink compound

    Get some MX-4, it will last you for a good 6 to 8 applications! (maybe more) Google Sidewinder Computers, they have it.