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  1. CPU: QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400, 2.66 GHz (O.C 3.1 GHz) Motherboard: Asus P5Q SE Plus RAM: 3 GB G.Skill DDR2 400MHz + 1 GB Adata DDR2 400MHz GPU: 6970 2GB Sapphire (stock) Storage: 3.8 TB total storage Chassis: NZXT Tempest (original) Cooling: Cooler master geminii-s PSU: Thermaltake Evo_Blue 750W Display: ViewSonic VX2439wm Audio: Logitech 5.1's Keyboard: Generic HP multimedia keyboard Mouse: Cooler Master storm sentinel advance Country: New Zealand
  2. im in, (Koocie_Kill) [Kaee]
  3. KK_

    Heroes of Newerth (Sale)

    the referral link gives me in-game credit. Could argue League of Legends and DotA have equally unfriendly community Link to Valve confirming DotA 2 is F2P? but theres no point of turning this into a massive argument, cant we just leave it as a informative thread about a sale? if your interested about videos: Youtube Homepage: Heroes of Newerth.com
  4. KK_

    Heroes of Newerth (Sale)

    Hey guys, havent been around here for awhile. but im back now anyway to cut it short... Heroes of Newerth is having a 10$usd account sale (from 30$usd) i know theres alot of LoL players in here who may want to try out Heroes of Newerth while its cheap the games might show some simulairtys but they have completely different styles of play and meta-game, so it will be a old/new experience Purchase now and join in
  5. KK_

    Heroes of Newerth (Sale)

    Probably best to not start that. rather see this thread as a chance to try and buy a game with 20$ knocked off the price.
  6. KK_

    Heroes of Newerth (Sale)

    thats the argument alot of people have, it does have some DotA content but they have really changed the game alot from DotA at this point. - 35 original heroes and counting (48 DotA heroes) - Different maps and some major changes to the original map - New items added and DotA items removed - Various other changes about 6-8 months ago it was pretty much DotA with a few extra features, but it really isnt the same game anymore, even the speed of the game is hyped up, you can quite often finish the game before 25minutes
  7. KK_

    OCC SW:TOR Guild! - BETA SOON!

    Raedon_XII is i
  8. KK_

    Furmark Gpu Benchmark Scores [NEW]

    Stock settings i dont really want to start overclocking this just yet
  9. KK_

    Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

    looks... like L4D
  10. KK_

    Combat Facts!

    im going to make a prediction BC2 will mop the floor with this
  11. KK_

    Q6600/Asus P5NT-Deluxe questions.

    Raise the NB voltage slightly. probably will fix alot of issues (keep an eye on temps)
  12. KK_

    PC Games - Tips, Tricks & Tweaks!

    I think this thread deserves a sticky
  13. KK_

    PC Games - Tips, Tricks & Tweaks!

    great stuff SenitaL . be great to see what other games you post up here
  14. KK_

    memory speed

    try updating motherboard bios. kinda a strange whats going on really o.o
  15. updating my post , 3.08ghz with 1.33125 (got voltage wrong the first time xD) , everything else is the same including temps
  16. KK_

    Getting the Maximum from Crysis

    yeah i cant wait, my 6970 seems to be struggling with all the add-ons + max + script max
  17. KK_

    Getting the Maximum from Crysis

    Great mod guide , i just brought Crysis for the purpose of getting mods , i dont even honestly like the game all too much EDIT: all the xzero stuff is gone
  18. intel Q8400 2.66 @ 3.01ghz Cooler Master Gemini II s (Single fan) Room temp- 25c idle temp- 30c (38 on cores avg) load temp-55c (60c on cores avg) Vcore 1.3125
  19. KK_

    Gamers Unite!

    ive signed up , waiting for the email
  20. Post Your Wallpaper Anyone who reads this must upload your wallpaper in use. The idea is so people will always be able to come and get a wallpaper Have fun , anyone who would like to turn this into a game , just get a mod to edit and be sweet Happy OCing