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    - Antec 1200 - 750W Corsair PSU - EP45-UD3P MB - E8400 @ 4.5ghz on H2O - 4890 CF - 4GB OCZ 1066 Reaper -
  1. I have a 775 platform. If it wasn't so expensive to upgrade to an i7 platform I would do it. I just want something under $100 that will give me better multi tasking performance.
  2. Looking for a quad, preferably a Q6600 or Q9xxx. Let me know if you have anything, thanks
  3. I have $2000 to spend. From my current rig I am keeping the case, PSU, watercooling and 1tb hd for storage. What I would like is a new x58 system geared for gaming. So everything I need is the MB, CPU, video card, ram, and an SSD is a must at this point. After seeing the 1090t go against an i7 920 and barely beat it out I have to say that I'm going to stick with intel. So like I said $2000 to spend on everything, give me some suggestions.
  4. Remove all your screws on the back PCB and then twist the heatsink assembly off, careful to be aware the wire for the fan is still attatched to the PCB. Then take some compressed are and blow out all the fins, and remove the old thermal paste and re-apply some quality thermal paste. It's a 15 minute process if you know what you're doing.
  5. So I decided to pop in my old 8800gt to another computer. Stress testing with furmark I was hitting 110C even with the fan 100%. So I disassembled the card, blew out all the dust off the heatsink, re-applied thermal paste, and now I do not see it going higher than 80C on the same test. You will be surprised how well dust can insulate heat, this goes for everyone on air cooling for their CPU as well. Just though I'd pass my tip on. And doing this fix only took me 20 minutes! If you're thinking about it then just do it, it's worth it.
  6. Well for anyone who is interested the reason this was happening was because I overclocked one card before putting in the second via MSI afterburner. Apparently one of my cards is not able to tweak voltage so basically every time MSI afterburner loaded the profile with a tweaked voltage the system would bsod. So I had to boot in safe mode, disable it then restart and voila it was fixed.
  7. Hey guys, I decided to pick up 2 5770's and try them out. So far its been really frustrating. So I have catalyst 10.4 installed. I did each card separately for the driver installation so that I would also know if there was any problems with the cards themselves. They work 100% by themselves. However enabling crossfire it will bsod as soon as I enter the desktop. I have tried setting my OC to default with no luck. Like I said I'm running 10.4 catalyst drivers as well as the crossfire hotfix they released. I'm not too sure whats going on. Specs are in sig. Advice is appreciated, thanks.
  8. Have you even tried it at a higher res?
  9. Max temp specified by intel was 100C. I would say a comfort zone would be 80C.
  10. Okay thanks I didnt see that.
  11. I got to 4ghz on the stock intel heatsink. It only took 1.23v. You have a low vid you should be able to get 4ghz under 1.25v. My vid is 1.25v. Now that I've run my cpu at 4.5 ghz for so long, the extra voltage is wearing it down, and now it takes almost 1.3v to run the same 4ghz.
  12. How much for the sapphire
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