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Crossfire 4850's crashing

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I have an MSI 4850 standard. I just bought an MSI 4850 O.C.


I was told they would crossfire, but if i enable the crossfire in the CCC and try to do anything graphically intensive they crash.


Using the AMD GPU clock tool it appears that the O.C.ed one isn't "dumbing itself down" as I was told it would.


I plan on O.C.ing them both a bit more, but I can't even get them to play nice out of the box.


In the CCC it only sees one card, the regular 4850, should it see both?



UPDATE: Figured it out, I decided to hard clock the regular 4850 to what the O.C. version is on boot up, now they sync up, and cross fire fine.... thanks for the help?

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