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    Help recovering MS Office product key

    Worked like a charm... THANKS
  2. Hey Guys! I just built a new rig for my grandma but unable to install MS office because she lost the product key. The old HDD still has it install but I don't know how to recover it... Anything will be greatly appreciated
  3. RaPiDo987

    Paintball Marker/gun??

    Hey Guys!! I'm about to try paintball and don't know what gun/marker to get... Mostly want to do scenario with a budget of $190 (gun/mask/tank/hooper). Was thinking of going with a: TIPPMANN US Army Project Salvo Marker TIPPMANN Low Profile Bulk Cyclone Hopper Pure Energy 20oz CO2 Tank VForce Armor Paintball Mask Black WG5012 Any suggestions of deals would be appreciated!! Thanks
  4. Hey Guys! Just bought a new hard drive for my friends comp and installed win xp pro on it. Everything was going great all windows updates were installed. Then the comp decided not to boot up when I was about to give it to him. :banghead::banghead::banghead: Could not figure out why it was not booting so decide to clear the CMOS. Tried to do a full system restore and now it won't pass the first step... Can anyone help me? Mobo: MSI 7211 http://www.msi.com/index.php?func=downloaddetail&type=bios&maincat_no=1&prod_no=234 HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKS 500GB CPU:??? EDIT: I update the bios using MSI uploader and don't know if that has anything to do with it. I included pic of the bios... Will try using the memtest and a different win cd.... Thanks Edit 2: Can't seem to find v.4 bios on the website... can any one please point me to a trust worthy site?
  5. RaPiDo987

    [WTB]DDR 400, 512mb or 1GB

    Hey Guys! Looking for some DDR 400 for an old system... Pm me with offers Thanks!!
  6. RaPiDo987

    [WTB]DDR 400, 512mb or 1GB

    Thanks for the reply... Mainly looking for ! stick of ddr 400 1gb or 1 stick of 512mb...
  7. RaPiDo987

    [WTS]RaPiDo'S stuff

  8. RaPiDo987

    [WTS]RaPiDo'S stuff

    Hey guys! Paypal only! US Only! Buyer pays shipping! >NEW Rosewill RHUB-310 USB2.0 7-Port Standing Hub with Power Adapter $15 >NEW Rosewill RM-1600L Black 5 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB Laser 1600 dpi Mouse $10 >New Linksys WAP54G Access point for $40 >GIGABYTE GM-M6800 Dual Lens Gaming Mouse 1600 dpi $10 >SL6VV - Intel Celeron 2.6GHz 478 Pin PPGA Processor with heatsink $15
  9. RaPiDo987

    Official OCC "Free to a good home" Thread

    Hey guys! 1 x Floppy drive 2 x 56 K modems 1 x SD/MMC, MS/MS pro, compactflash I/II and smarmedia reader 2 x IDE cables
  10. RaPiDo987

    [WTS]RaPiDo'S stuff

  11. RaPiDo987

    [Wts] Battlefield Bad Company 2

    I feel you... BC2 is not my game either! Played it a couple of hours and haven't touch it for about months...
  12. RaPiDo987

    Razer Contest :D

  13. RaPiDo987

    [WTS]RaPiDo'S stuff

    Trade for a 5970.... No Wired...
  14. RaPiDo987

    [WTS]RaPiDo'S stuff

    It's Version 3.1 I know it's DD-wrt compatible
  15. RaPiDo987

    Recommendations for good gaming headset...

    Thanks for the suggestions! I have a budget of $50 @ Newegg only... One of the main reasons I chose these headphones is because its USB and I'm able to do 7.1 surround sound since I don't have a gaming sound card. LOL.. I could buy a 5850 instead Thanks!
  16. RaPiDo987

    Recommendations for good gaming headset...

    Any comments on the ABS AZ1 Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound Light Weight Circumaural USB Gaming Headset??? I'm thinking of getting these...
  17. RaPiDo987

    Dirt 2

    Love this game... It has a good feel to it
  18. RaPiDo987

    Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package PC - Prize 14,99

    I'm not going to buy it, hopefully people boycott it...
  19. Hey Guys! Mother is looking tune up her pc... Looking for a HDD 300GB or greater and some DDR 184pins for her mobo. If anyone has a sweet deal on a dual core + ram+ Mobo + HDD please send me a pm. The comp is going to be use for internet browsing and MS Word... THanks!
  20. RaPiDo987

    [WTB]Dad's PC

    Hey guys! My little sister is being stingy with her computer and keeps trowing a fit when my dad uses her computer for his 2D pool game. So I have decided to build him one nothing powerful, just something to play his 2D pool games. So I'm looking for extremely cheap deals on some components to get this going. Can you guys please hook me up with some stuff Looking for: -DDR400, DDR333 1gb or 512mbmb sticks... PM with offers... Thanks
  21. RaPiDo987

    [WTB]Dad's PC

    Bump, still looking for ram
  22. Hey guys! I just bought a ASUS WL-520GC from new egg and flashed it with DD-wrt. Flashing was successful but not I'm having trouble configuring it to connect to my host router (Netgear WGT624 v4). I found these instructions on the net but I'm having no luck... Found this video on youtube never mind, found this video on youtube... and everything connects properly but it drops connection after 10mins Can anyone help me configure the routers so I can connect my 360 on the ASUS? Thanks in Advance
  23. RaPiDo987

    [WTB]Router with DD-WRT

    Hey Guys, Looking for a wireless router (b/g) that must have DD-wrt software with in it... 20$ shipped...
  24. RaPiDo987

    [WTS] Sale Thread For Ediseye

    wow, you have a lot of good stuff....
  25. RaPiDo987

    [WTB]Router with DD-WRT

    HEHEHE, I bought a router form ebay thinking that it was compatible, but it wasn't...