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Turning Up Voltages For Ram

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I recently had my roommate buy a couple of upgrades to beef up his old computer before I ship out to the Navy & he loses his only computer savvy person, and I decided to switch from the 1gb of Kingston value RAM to 2GB of High Performance GSkill. Problem is, I think that the voltages on his mobo are set too low to support both sticks, as the computer works fine with one, but once I insert the second stick, our good friend BSOD shows up & raids the fridge. I checked his BIOS & can't really see a clear-cut entry like RAM or DIMM voltages, so does anybody know any tricks to make BSOD get outta the fridge by turning the voltage up?

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Giving his system specs might prove helpful


Er, lol. I don't see how as I'm almost sure its a BIOS voltage issue, but here goes:


Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.6Ghz

ASUS AH 3650 512mb DDR2

1 Gb DDR 400 Gskill RAM

MSI 645 Ultra Mobo

80GB HDD (didn;t check brand)

Antec Earthwatts 500W PSU

Coolermaster Centurion Case


And thats about it!



Yes, both works fine, both work amazingly alone, put em together & they invite BSOD for a party.

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