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    AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE
    ATI Radeon HD 5770 x2 in true Crossfire
    8GB GSKILL Ripjaw series PC 10700 @
    Corsair TX650W PSU
    Antec 900 Two Case
    Corsair H50 in Push-Pull Config
    Asus DVD Burner
    Seagate 1TB HDD @ 7200 RPM
  1. Loved sins and the first expansion, the second expansion was a little bit ridiculous though. The learning curve was a 90 degree angle against the pirates in diplomacy.
  2. Just pulled the trigger on the stock sapphire 7850 2gb, it should be here by Thursday!
  3. Are there any differences in the Coolers on the two sapphire cards? If not ill grab the non overclocked version tomorrow
  4. SO I am down to two days until I order my replacement for my crossfire 5770's and I have narrowed it down to three cards Either of these HD 7850's: Sapphire http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127663 MSI http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102984 Or one of the powercolor 6970's for sale in the marketplace http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=191180 I have sapphire cards now and I am pleased with them, I also have a MSI GTX 560TI that I love, but I have never had a powercolor card before, is it a decent brand or is it like buying a cheap biostar or foxconn motherboard?
  5. PMed about Sapphire HD 7870.
  6. I do like the psu I already have, but I picked up a phenom ii x4 940 black edition, Asus motherboard and OCZ ram with a good CPU cooler for $175, which I am turning into a machine for a friend. Was gonna pull out the psu from my machine and put it in his while I planned on picking up something modular for myself.
  7. As for the new system, it would be either a 2500k or 2600k build, with an h60 or h80, a decent Asus mobo and 12gb ram. Hdd, ssd, and video cards would be transferred with psu, as well as case, fans, and my fan controller an optical drive. May throw in a blue ray drive for giggles
  8. I'm buying a new PSU this week, either from El_Capitan if the testing goes well, or from newegg. The psu Capitan has is a Corsair AX750W which I would love, but I am exploring other options in case it fails or falls through for whatever reason. I was looking a few psu's on the egg and came up with three brands I would go for, seasonic, corsair, or OCZ. Now I'm just trying to figure out the wattage. I'm positive the AX750W is enough, but in case I don't get it would a 650w suffice? This is what I'm running, as well as some upgrades coming this week Phenom iix4 965 BE 8GB gskill ram X2 HD 5770's (looking to upgrade to two HD 7850's or 7870's) Corsair force 3 120gb SSD X2 1 TB seagate barracuda (probably cutting to 1 this week) Corsair H50 3 120mm Led coolermaster sickle flows 3 200mm led coolermaster megaflows On an Asus M4a79t deluxe. Probably gonna try to OC everything considering I'll be building an intel machine later this year. Also lookin for a PSU that I can transfer over when I retire my phenom build.
  9. Here's to hoping that prices drop this week following the release of Kepler. It would be nice to pick up a MSI twin frozr edition of the 7870 and still stay inside my budget. If prices dont drop Ill just grab the MSI twin frozr II 7850 and pick up another later on when the prices plummet.
  10. Positive El_Capitan Bought x2 corsair force 3 120gb SSD's Bought 1tb seagate barracuda Great communication, excellent prices, and faster than newegg shipping to Hawaii Great guy in general
  11. Any idea when the 7850's with food coolers are actually coming out? All I see are gigabyte, HIS and powercolor. Want a Sapphire or MSI card but can only wait until next Friday to order at the latest.
  12. Will you ship to Hawaii if I split the shipping?
  13. Yeah, figured that out when I ran OCCT arlier. Thank you guys for all of your help. Turns out the new catalyst control center was causing the problem. Threw in my old driver disc from sapphire and told CCC and the drivers not to update and its working fine now. All I had to do after that was reset my fan curve.in afterburner so they wont go above 78c on full load.
  14. Alright, got crossfire to work, shows both in MSI afterburner and GPU-Z, but in MSI it shows the core clock at 157Mhz for the second card, and the memory clock at 300Mhz. Any idea why it isnt running normally? Btw, on GPU-Z it shows both running at x16, with a core clock of 850Mhz and a Memory Clock of 1200Mhz.
  15. So I need to uninstall and reinstall my chipset, then CCC? Never tried that. Thanks! To answer the previous question most of the fans are plugged into my fan controller, only the push/pull configure on the H50 is plugged into my mobo.
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