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Which Case: Antec 900 Or Nzxt Tempest

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Having used both the NZXT Tempest and Antec 900 to build several rigs in the past, I gotta recommend the NZXT... The ONLY drawback with it is that plastic feels a little flimsy and breaks in shipping more often, but other than that, it's hands down the winner.

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Okay I think I have become informed enough a decision of sorts... I have decided not to consider the Antec 900 as, from the looks of it, it requires a fair bit of modding to get just right. I am still waffling between the Tempest and CM690 because, although the 690 is cheaper, it also includes less fans. Since I probably won't be buying a new case for a month or so anyways, I suspect I'll keep my eyes open for a good deal on either case, unless, of course, I find out that one case has some glaring flaw (which I doubt, they both sound like stellar cases ^_^ )

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