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  1. Grats on the license, man. Hope you have fun and stay safe! Mmmmmmmmmmmm... ammo...
  2. Couldn't say as far as using your own bike, a lot of times for the BRC the bikes are provided. In your case the BRC2 (used to be called the Advanced RiderCourse) would be a better bet. They changed the name because Advanced RiderCourse was a bit of a misnomer as it doesn't really teach any more advanced skills or strategies than the BRC, it is instead essentially just the second day riding portion of the BRC. This does away with the real basic content like, "Ok, here's your clutch, here's how it works," etc. and just assumes a basic amount of knowledge and understanding on the student's part. It's a one day course that still gets you a license (if you don't already have one, which is why a lot of the more experienced riders decide to take it in the first place) and generally requires the rider to use their own bike. So if you wanted to use your bike that's the route I'd go as you'd have to devote less time to the course and you would essentially get the same out of it as you would the BRC since you've already got a working knowledge of motorcycles, how they work, and all that. Edit: I'm assuming that the BRC2 that's offered in your area grants a license waiver upon completion like we do when I teach it, but of course I'd double check before committing. If your friend needs a license and has already been riding a while it might be a good option for him as well. Like I said, you really just miss out on some very basic motorcycle familiarization and a bit of depth from the classroom portion of the BRC, but the riding part is near identical to the second day of the BRC itself. Something to consider.
  3. Yeah, we will do private lessons but our overhead means that for most folks that's not really a viable option, financially. It more or less costs us the same to do it for one person or a full class of eight students so we mostly only teach the course to a full class. Most folks are scared off when they hear how much it will cost them to have us do a completely private BRC where they're the only student but we have done a couple for a few folks. To be able to give out the DDS waivers (which keeps our students from having to take the written and riding test when they go to DDS to get their license) we first had to go through a state program before they would sign off on us being basically an off-site license examiner. Once (and if) the folks pass the course we record their current drivers license information and trasmit that, along with their scores, to the state's database and issue them a waiver showing course completion which they take to DDS within 90 days. That waiver is basically verified against that information that we upload to DDS following their completion of the course and tells the DDS employees at whatever facility that choose to go to that they are to be issued a class M license as any testing requirements they normally would have to fulfill onsite have already been completed. But our business is completely private other than that affiliation with GA DDS and obviously our affiliation with and certification by MSF as RiderCoaches, and as a business it is ran for profit, although we both are involved in this particular field because we love to ride and believe in the benefits of approaching the sport with a mindset toward common sense and safety. Personally I enjoy helping others learn to ride and kinda have a passion for it, so that plays a large part in why I do it. Getting paid to do something you love ain't bad at all. And I'm definitely not anti 250, just realistic. If you're gonna ride, you're gonna outgrow a 250, probably pretty quickly, and find yourself wanting a bit more. It's almost a guaranteed inevitability.
  4. Not so sure about it just being able to seat one as it does have a second set of foot pegs built into it for a passenger should one decide to hop on. And the seat is long enough to accomodate a second body, although their comfort likely wasn't very near the top of the designers' priority list if you know what I mean. Either way I"m fairly sure you could go two up on it just fine. As far as what I have now, I am unfortunately kinda in between bikes, although like I said earlier I do keep an '08 Yamaha V-Star 250 in the garage that functions as a spare bike for when I teach BRCs. My father and I teach the BRC independently of the state of Georgia's Department of Driver Services program (which also does the BRC), although we are of course both MSF-certified RiderCoaches as well as certified by the state to teach and grant license waivers as well. So that said, we provide all the bikes, equipment, etc. when we offer our BRC, hence the fact that I keep one of our program's spare bikes in my garage. Unfortunately lack of funds means that little bike is all I have regular access to at the moment, which tends to give me quite the sad face, but hey, what can ya do. Any day now the wife will break and I'll squeeze another set of wheels in the garage. Heh, that's the plan, anyway.
  5. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with trading it in for one with a bit more power down the road if (when?) you get the itch, either. From one rider to another (or soon to be, anyway), safe travels and enjoy the ride! Edit: And IVIY, like the bike, man. I'm a bit of a Yamaha fanboy myself. I'm just drooling to get one of their FZ-09s in my garage. I'm breaking the wife a little bit everyday, and my plan to bring one of those sweet Japanese two-wheeled fun machines into my life comes closer to fruition with every passing moment! Haha, j/k... kinda...
  6. Don't get me wrong, 250cc's are fine machines and I didn't intend to imply that they weren't capable bikes. But when you're moving along at 65+ mph and you are presented with a situation where you need the bike to get up and go, like, immediately, your smaller displacement machines just won't have the torque to do so in the fashion that a bike with more motor will. If you're going to put a lot of miles on the bike on the interstate this is something I personally find important enough to at least take into consideration. Obviously this is merely my opinion so ymmv. That being said, as far as an around-town, in-the-city type bike goes, there's certainly plenty to be said for either a Ninja or CBR 250. I put a lot of miles on one of my range's spare Yamaha V-Star 250s that I keep garaged and it's fantastic for scooting around town. Your best bet, if possible, would be to try to see if you could test drive bikes in multiple displacements and see what works for you. In the end, as a brand new rider, though, it really is hard to go wrong with either of those bikes in their 250cc iterations. Whatever route you end up taking just try to be safe out there and enjoy yourself. Nothing quite like riding, imo. Kinda just gets in your blood.
  7. As an MSF-certified RiderCoach who regularly teaches both the BRC and BRC2 (just finished one this afternoon, actually) I would encourage you to go to a dealer and just spend some time just sitting on as many bikes as you can, especially those that you think you might be interested in owning. Most motorcycles have fairly limited adjustment options as far as the positions of the bike's controls are concerned and not all bikes will "fit" all riders. Especially as a new rider having to struggle with controls/ergonomics that just don't work for you or plain don't feel right is an unnecessary complication that you can spare yourself with a little bit of time. As far as the Ninja and CBR 250s go, they're both fantastic bikes for what they are and would be more than adequate (and enjoyable!) as beginner bikes. Understand though that in all likelihood if you plan on getting into riding in a meaningful way chances are you will quickly find either choice rather limiting due to their lack of displacement/engine size. Both are certainly capable and entertaining bikes but will struggle to provide you with the torque I would argue is necessary to ride safely at higher speeds (such as riding on interstates or expressways). Unless it's a budget thing I would also consider those same, or similar, bikes in the 500cc range. You would have ample room to grow with the bike as a rider and I don't necessarily buy into the "250cc for beginners 'cause it's safer" stuff that some folks might throw around. At the end of the day the rider is responsible for the operation of the motorcycle; the bike is only going to respond to the control inputs it receives from the rider, regardless of engine size. I will say that I am happy to hear that you will be taking the BRC as I personally consider the information and experience the course offers to be absolutely invaluable, especially for new riders.
  8. Should be around tonight for some matches, hope to catch some folks on. I'll likely be around sometime between 7:00p-9:00p EST.
  9. Ahhhhhhhhhh, that was nice. Started a bit slow at first, was kinda worried for a second. Once I figured out which end of the gun I pointed toward the bad guy again it all started to come back to me. I do so love blastin' fools!
  10. Aw man, JUST missed the sign up for these four man squads! Sorry guys, kinda been flying under the radar lately, lot of stuff going on with work and family and just haven't got around to playing. I'll be around a bit more now, popped on the other night but didn't see anyone, probably pop on tonight or tomorrow to check it out. Hope to see some folks in game!
  11. My sentiment echoes the others here, I'd wait and see what AMD has to offer with the 7000 series, and then perhaps even see what nVidia has in the works to counter. Something tells me you're not necessarily lacking in performance, so no sense in buying into a GPU so close to the launch of the next-gen.
  12. Indeed. And Smith & Wesson makes a world-class revolver. Top notch customer service, to boot. Although they may not be new and "sexy," you don't have to worry about your revolver jamming on you. Pretty solid peace of mind. Safe and happy shootin' to ya.
  13. S&W makes epic revolvers... when I do finally decide to pull the trigger on one (after I pick up my Kahr, which is going to be my next purchase) it'll undoubtedly be a S&W.
  14. Yes... I was raging hard. Technically I didn't rage quit as I was heading to bed, but were I not, I would have indeed rage quit. Our teams were straight owning... but I was straight raging.
  15. Hey, man, they filmed The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand, which is good enough for me. If you feel the desire to blast some fools feel free to join in, ping be damned.
  16. Honestly, wouldn't ever consider using their forums, even before this. On a somewhat unrelated note, though, I just caught a three day account ban in a game I play for "profanity" when I actually censored myself in game using astericks (*). So I kind of understand the feeling, although I will admit I was somewhat asking for it in my case, but still, I did not violate the terms of service regarding profanity. Regardless, I work in customer service for a subsidiary branch of an international, multi-billion dollar OEM and aftermarket manufacturer of automotive and auxiliary lighting and I can honestly say if reports such as the OP's are accurate in their details of the infraction and the response of the CSRs who handled the customer's inquiry then shame on those individuals and shame on EA as a company. I have always been and will continue to be a firm believer in the importance of good, honest, and effective customer service and product support for any company which markets and sells a product. Personally, I make it a point to do business with companies which pride take pride in and make a point of providing exemplary customer service. I appreciate doing business with and giving my money to a company committed to standing behind their product and protecting the integrity of that product with the highest standard of support for their customers. I will pay more for an equivalent product if I know that should an issue arise I have world-class customer support a phone call or e-mail away. I've had experiences where issues have arisen with a product I purchased and after contacting the company, no questions asked I was provided a no-cost solution for no other reason than I was a paying customer who may or may not have misused their product and needed help. These companies believe in the superior nature of their product and will support it no questions asked because at one time or another I paid for it. You know what I say? Well played, sirs, well played. Not only have you provided me with something I believe in (in most cases, as I tend not to spend what little money my wife lets me without an appropriate amount of research), but also something you believe in and will stand behind despite any momentary bouts of stupidity or recklessness on my part. Guess what? You just made it to the top of my list if I'm ever in the market for another product which happens to fall into your product range, because I know if any issue arises, whether a manufacturing defect (which happens despite a company's best efforts due to the nature of manufacturing on vast scales) or user error, you're going to cover me and make it right. From the standpoint of a consumer I would have to call EA's response in the OP's example, if accurate, horribly conceived. It shows a complete and unwavering disregard for their customer, which I find baffling. I deal with customer service issues daily and I will be the first to say the customer is not always right. But it is the responsibility of the company representative to give a customer's claim due diligence and make sure they do their best to respond accurately and proportionately to any customer issue. These are the people who pay your paycheck, after all. I'm sure in the grand scheme of things EA couldn't care less about a single customer's business due to the ridiculous amounts of money their games tend to generate. That's all well and good. But forgive me if I find that unacceptable and totally contrary to the manner in which I would run any company of mine, no matter the size or type of industry. This seems to me a case of a CSR who really doesn't care, or care to take the time to make an educated decision (whether due to a lack of desire or time as a result of a ludicrous work load, which I can relate to, but still fails to excuse), and ultimately a company which finds no problem with either encouraging or allowing the existence of such a culture. Forgive the lengthy response, but this hit home in a sense as I can relate on many levels to this issue. As someone who uses EA's products I have never had a personal issue with the company, but then again I don't utilize any other service other than the use of their games. Perhaps that's the ultimate moral of this story. Restrain from bitching at people via an EA-provided and monitored medium, rather obtain the person's direct phone number or email address and let the flaming commence.
  17. Ah, man, my net took a poop on me RIGHT after we were discussing ping, which was more than a bit ironic. But yeah, a few good matches. NEED MOAR OCC! Come bring your hotness and let's wreck it!
  18. ShallowBay brought this up on the OCC platoon page, but it would be pretty epic if we could get at least one full OCC squad, if not two, in a game at some point. We've gotten quite a few OCCers in a few games here and there, and the results tend to be pretty epic when we have. I know that I am open pretty much whenever so long as it's in the evening (sometimes around 7:00p-8:00p EST is when I normally hop on, although sometimes more like 9:00p-10:00p). Obviously weekends, particularly Saturday, would allow for the longest session (although some folks might go out, I generally don't as I am married and looking to buy a home, and the wifey and I are home bodies, so I tend to stay in) but if anyone's interested throw in on this topic and let's see if we can't work something out. Look forward to the possibility of some serious OCC ownage.
  19. Gah, always usin' me for my epic pilot skillz.... I swear... I may pop on tonight though, so if I do and see any folks on, it's game time.
  20. Weeeeeeeeeeeell, the F-22 Raptor is a completely different beast than the F-35 Lightning II. While the F-22 is an Air Force-only air superiority fighter the F-35 is a multi-branch, multi-nation (to a limited degree), multi-purpose fighter which comes in standard, STOVL, and folding-wing (for carrier use) versions . I think it would probably be fair, in some ways, to refer to the F-35/JSF as a poor-man's F-22 as it utilizes many of Raptor's technologies and in many ways looks quite similar. The F-22 (allegedly) maintains a distinct advantage over most (if not all?) other fighters in cruise altitude and some pilots have claimed that this fact alone offers them quite an advantage in head-to-head combat with other fighter aircraft. But... yeah, not nitpicking, I'm just full of information of debatable value and sometimes the need to spew useless information overtakes me.
  21. Looks more like a Joint Strike Fighter to me, the VTOL fighter, that is. Just sayin'. Looks pretty ballin', though.
  22. Click on "Profile" at the top of your browser from the Battlelog main page, then click "Edit Profile" on the left of the page. Once there, you should see the little box to add your clan tag. Just type OCC in there and click save at the bottom then you're golden. I went ahead and accepted your application to the platoon, by the way. Enjoy.
  23. Nah, man, not at all. I'm always keeping my eye out for fellow OCCers to squad up with! Anyway, I think you're making it sounds worse than it was, we all had our off games. Especially in FPSes, if I don't play for a little while my skills degrade rapidly. I hadn't played a FPS since BF: BC2 before picking this up and when I did I was atrocious for quite a while. Still have my off game now and then. Keep it comin', though! The more OCCers the better. We tend to rock the server when we're rollin' deep!
  24. That's awesome that you actually recorded most of that run! Probably the best run I've had to date piloting the chopper. More than helps to have a skilled player workin' the gun. For all the ownage OCC dropped on that round, I can't believe we still BARELY lost. Our team, other than the 4-5 of us, must have been... uh... not too good.
  25. I can verify that this MSI 6950 can indeed have its shaders unlocked (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127575). This is slightly different than the one linked by a previous poster, as it's the Twin Frozr III, but I'd be surprised if there was much difference between the Frozr II and Frozr III other than the cooler. Don't hold me to that though. A lot of folks just flash the BIOS on their 6950s to a 6970 BIOS, which works in some instances, however I think you'd be better served in merely unlocking the extra shaders while leaving everything else the same (clock speeds, memory speeds, etc.). Once unlocked you can then easily manually overclock the card via Afterburner (or other programs). When I did mine there was an excellent guide I found that made it really easy and if you follow the instructions you can also back up your current BIOS before editing it just in case your card doesn't play nice. If you do go this route and decide on a 6950 then I'll dig up that link for you as it was quite helpful and netted me some extra shaders on an already nice card. As far as the difference between the two SSDs, the 64GB indicates its storage capacity (64 gigabytes of data) as opposed to the 120GB (120 gigabytes of data). Just indicates storage capacity, all other things being equal, of course. @Angel: Interested you should bring up Samsung monitors as I just upgraded from my old 19" to a 23" inch Samsung. Although that almost didn't happen. After purchasing TWO 24" Samsung's at a local retailer, and returning BOTH for obvious dead pixels, I finally found a 23" at the same resolution at another retailer that didn't have any dead pixels. It was frustrating making that many back-to-back trips to unpack, hook up, and then have to return the hardware. Obviously these things happen on occasion with monitors but to get two in a row with dead pixels... I almost vowed not to waste my time on Samsung products again (and this coming from someone who owns and LOVES his Samsung 46" 120hz flatscreen). Guess I was just unlucky. That said, now that I have one that works I do indeed love it, although the old Acer 19" I upgraded from served me well.
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