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  1. I have an athlon II x4 655 sitting around. Pm me if your interested.
  2. Yeah i forgot to list it sold here asap! It sold in 7 mins over at Hardforum.
  3. Are we really recommending being really modest while overclocking or just not overclocking at all? ON OVERCLOCKERSCLUB!!!! lol i had to say it.
  4. Hello everyone today i have for sale a lnib samsung 840pro 512gb ssd. The drive was bought new and has only been powered on once to ensure functionalty. My alternator and my battery took a dump on me and with christmas over im broke lol. I need to fix my truck asap hence the reason for the low price. Lets get this thing sold today! I'm asking $275 shipped to the lower 48 Heatware is Jenova69
  5. I think the ssd is a good idea. 8gb would be a useful upgrade. It doesn't seem like that your unhappy with your cpu and gpu so i would leave them alone and get a bigger ssd and hdd. Btw if your interested i have a samsung 840 pro 512gb sitting around here. pm me if your interested.
  6. Cooler master 212 evo is king for it's price. A budget would be helpful though.
  7. I would skip the the cpu/board upgrade as you already have plenty of cpu for gaming. If you haven't oc'ed your current processor you could definately hit around 4ghz with a good cooler. I would grab a H100i over the H90 since your case should fit it without issue and then just get the 7950 to tear up the witcher and skyrim. Welcome to OCC
  8. This thread died in July of last year lol.
  9. Swiftech mcp355, Ek res top, 3x 140mm cougar fans for the rad and primoflex tubing. It's good to be back under water again.
  10. You can look into an ali in one water cooling setup since you have a 120mm fan port. Otherwise plenty of companies make coolers that has the fans blowing down towards the board (aka short) Cooler master, Thermaltake, Phanteks, Noctua, lots of others.
  11. You guys sure are sensitive about your amd vs intel haha.
  12. I've got three cougars coming in for my rad this week and my pump top as well so we'll see how well they perform. By the way most of the cougars fans come with a 7v adapter in case you want them really quiet
  13. The header pulled straight off the pins and was stuck to the case header. So I got them seperated and slid the header back on the pins. This and the 24 pin connector are a tight fit oddly. CPU pending.
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