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The Smith

3DMark Competition

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Ok guys I checked all scores. No one had the proof it was done with PhysX disabled, so I just deleted all of them. I saved my post before editing it so if I made a mistake, just tell me I can revert back.


Blaise you're at the top of the list. :)


Sorry for the delay guys

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Scores with my new X3220 @ 3Ghz and my old 8800GT:

3DMark 2001 SE: -2001k.th.jpg

3DMark 2003: - 2003c.th.jpg

3DMark 2005: - 2005t.th.jpg

3DMark 2006: - 2006g.th.jpg





Scores with the X3220 @ 3Ghz and the new 8800GTS: (thanks Smith!)

WOW, these arent as big of an increase as I thought.

(I've even got the 8800GT on Physx)

3DMark 2001 SE: - 2001x.th.jpg

3DMark 2003: - 2003jd.th.jpg

3DMark 2005: - 2005n.th.jpg

3DMark 2006: - 2006a.th.jpg



X3220 @ 3Ghz with the 8800GTS overclocked to 730/1038/1830:

3DMark 2001 SE: - 2001gr.th.jpg what the heck? I got a lower score... :unsure: Maybe I wasn't satble. HERE I GO AGAIN...

3DMark 2003: - 2003v.th.jpg better by a small margin.

3DMark 2005: - 2005i.th.jpg barely better

3DMark 2006: - 2006xe.th.jpg merely a hundred or so points difference.



That just a quick OC though, I'm sure i could squeeze out a bunch more Mhz if I played around all day.

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i7 920 @ 4.3Ghz and 2 4890s in Crossfire


3DMark 2001SE 56176



3DMark03 114455



3DMark06 28381



3DMark Vantage P19552



Last ones Smith I swear(until I get the new cards coming out) :D

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Just wait till i get this bad boy in sli! Can't wait to see the difference. ill take screens of the other futuremark applications later on. i7 920 Co/Ci 4ghz and GTX 285.


3DMark Vantage P16138




Honestly i think it still did very well with ppi disabled. Still some more tinkering i want to try with the card but this is what i have for now. SLi numbers will hopefully jump pretty high.


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