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Did anyone else get this email?


I don't plan on buying anything from there but I had been interested in trying out alibaba before as you can get wholesale Asian electronics for extremely cheap.


Hello sir,


Thanks for your reading.

I get your contact infos from forums.overclockersclub.com.


http://sznewcom.en.alibaba.com/ this is our wesite, you can check it

for more infos about our company, as a professional supplier and exporter

in China, we sincerely hope our products meet your demand, if you are

interested in some products items ,pls contact me freely.


Thanks for your attention,





Also attached was this:

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no I didn't...


I thought Alibaba listed every single manufacturer in the world, good or bad... I could well be wrong, but I see a LOT of random no-name companies on there lol

Yeah, they do list a crap load of companies...


Like I said I wasn't panning on using the guy I was just kind of wondering why I was picked out of everyone else, unless it went into your spam section?

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I wouldnt bother...


My brother wholesales for that company and their products are very sub-par...


he bought 1000 of those MP3 players last year for like 10.00ea and 100 of them died...and others have issues...I wouldnt waste my time....

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Man you arent going to believe this.....


ah maybe you will....


Yesterday I got on the PC and I got a pop up for Windows Live for a contacted to be added....



some dude named Jeffery...so i thought it may be someone from here so I accepted....


turns out it's the dude from that site...? WTH..?


lol I deleted him after that...ha ha

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