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  1. You can't alter a RAID array like that once it's been built. How did you build the RAID array? You mention the RAID BIOS, so I assume it's a hardware RAID, and not built inside Windows, correct? When you say you have a 160GB you can't access, do you mean you go into Computer Management and see extra space? And you see a single 320GB drive in Windows - probably as C:\ - right?
  2. 1000 ft for $58 plus shipping okay? http://www.deepsurplus.com/Network-Structured-Wiring/CAT5e-Ethernet-Cable-Solid/Ethernet-CAT5e-Black-1000ft-Bulk-350Mhz-rated-UTP-PVC-Solid-Cable Edit: There are many other colors to choose from, I just linked black. I order everything for my job through Deep Surplus. Big fan. They give you free Skittles with every order too, haha.
  3. Huh? What does a llama have to do with this convo? Edit: I had a realization. Some peanut butter will clear that right up.
  4. I tend to think DTTL was better.
  5. Long story short: Midget stripper handicapped cop. Or something like that. Hey Celtica! Long time no see. You have a FB link in your sig? I'm adding you in a minute.
  6. Hi guys.... what's this all about? When I first started posting here I had a 400MHz PII, and then an Athlon XP 1600+ then I ran up to like 2.2GHz... and like 100 other PCs. I don't think I'd be in the career field like I am now without this site. Oh, and don't forget that like... April of 2002 or '03 was it OCC was feature on TSS on TechTV and was /.'d a few times... Really drove traffic through the roof!
  7. If you get embarrassed by computer specs that aren't really too old... You really need to reanalyze your life compared to others. <_<
  8. I used to run decent systems in my car, but I got lazy with the new one while it was under a full warranty, and I had to take the system out of second car because of weight and grounding concerns. The best sounding car I ever had was a Plymouth Breeze. (What? I was like 18 and I got it for $900 from a family friend). This was all Memphis Audio speakers I have since sold off, lol. 2 3" in the stock (!) dash mounts, 2 little tweeters (I think 3/4") mounted by the rear-view side mirrors, 2 6" 2-ways in the front door panels, and 2 6x9 2-ways in the trunk shelf, with an Audiobahn 4-channel amp. Then a 2-channel 800watt Pioneer amp, powering 2 DEI 12" subs. It was loud, crisp, and awesome. Minimal light dims, and I actually broke a rear-view mirror. I moved most of that into my 240SX except switched out 2 Pioneer 2-way 6x9's speakers when I got it, and I have both amps, 2 subs, and the Pioneer speakers still. Everything else is gone. Now my Saturn is 100% stock, but I'll probably swap in the Pioneer 6x9's this spring, along with a sub and the Audiobahn amp (2 channels for the 6x9s, two for the subs) and maybe a set of tweeters. And the 240SX only has two 6" speakers in the back. Edit: Oh, and Caps are a waste of money. A cap worth running is expensive, more so then a battery/second battery/or alt. upgrade. And a cap won't fix the problem, it only hides it. The only real reason to run a cap is to see instant stored power for a Class D amplifier. It does very, very little for a A/B/AB amp.
  9. The more I keep looking at this, the more and more the front looks like a Ferrari. Kind of strange, because Porsche's are usually very distinct up front.
  10. This is one of those reposts that will go on forever, and ever, and ever... No matter how many times I see it, I want to laugh.
  11. Where the hell do I sign!? Holy . that is a beautiful, fast car.
  12. Give at least 1/4 of it away right off the bat. Pay off people's houses and cars, etc. that I know, especially close family. I won't give away any cash, just give them a leg up. The money then save from not having any payments will help them more then giving them cash to blow. Start/buy some businesses to hire all my friends and family that need jobs and cash. Keep working to maintain these businesses and have an 'empire' of sorts to leave to my future family. Use about 1/2 the money to do this. Take the remaining 1/4 and support myself. Pay off my debts, buy a house or two, get married, buy a car or two, and just little things - new PC, TV, stuff like that and then save the rest until the businesses I have start getting cash flow.
  13. Depending on why I'm drinking it and with what... Jameson. Maker's Mark. (Bourbon is still whiskey) Four Roses. Seagrams. Canadian Club. And my personal favorite, Glenlivet 12 year.
  14. Depends on my mood... For cheap beer, Miller Lite and Bud Light are both drinkable to me, but it depends. For lagers, I really like Spaten in the spring/summer since it is very refreshing and Yuengling in the fall/winter since it's a fuller, darker beer. In ale, I like most of the Sam Adams products, and trappist ales, specifically Chimay. The trippel being my favorite, followed by the dubbel and then standard. Smithwicks is a go-to beer also, very clean taste. And I absolutely love Guinness, and that's basically the only stout I'll drink.
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