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Wall @ 220

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Well, I've been overclocking my 3700+ and I've run into a snag. I thought my old 3000+ had a memory controller that barfed on me, but now I think there's something with my Ultra-D.


My problem is that I'm running into a brick wall at 220MHz. My 3000+ Winchester ran into the problem last July, and I was running the 3/10 BIOS at the time. I'm now running the 11/14 BIOS, which I flashed to back in May of this year. Now, I didn't think about it until I had problems trying to get it to stabilize past 220MHz.


I've tried increasing the voltage on the chipset, LDT, CPU, etc.

RAM will pass Memtest all day. It's the same case with my current Ballistix and it was the same case with my Patriot PC3200 +XBL (TCCD), which can do up to 285MHz with flying colors.


I've dropped the HTT:CPU ratio without success.

I've loosened my RAM timings. Actually I'm using the very conservative timings as recommended by the forum here.


I just can't figure this out, so I'd greatly appreciate any help figuring this sucker out.

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Okay, I've got the 704-2BTA BIOS flashed and am just doing a few passes with memtest to make sure I didn't do anything to screw up.


RAM is in the Yellow slots.


After a little testing, I'll post my current timings and go from there.

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