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    Intel i7 2600k @4.5
    32GB G.Skill Ares 1600mhz
    4x Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB (2 in raid0)
    Plextor SSD PX-M2 128GB
    SanDisk Extreme 240GB SSD
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  1. What an awesome free gift! Could you clarify what you what to do with Hyper-V, specifically how many virtual machines are you interested in running and are you planning on running server 2012 as your primary operating system?
  2. It seems that he really wants OSX, why not just buy another mac? As far as I have seen there is no "bulletproof" hackintosh.
  3. Maybe time for me to upgrade to one of those new cards instead of relying on all CPU
  4. My avast gives me that warning about 40% of the time when I click on this site, always a different url, don't seem to hurt anything but something is not right, maybe this is why it seems quiet here lately, it would scare newbees away. This is actually the first time I have gotten a warning from avast on this site.
  5. My avast just picked this up while hitting the main page. Infection Blocked URL: Infection: URL:Mal Relax, your avast! just saved you from a virus.
  6. I recently did a build with an AMD 8320. I had a very very difficult time deciding on whether to go with Intel, or AMD. In the end I was swayed by the price to performance and the overall platform price was a lot cheaper as well as the CPU. In the end I got a very capable build for ~$600. A solid Seasonic PSU, 32GB of G. Skill RAM, a cheap pci-e graphics card and a quad port GBE Intel NIC, and a nice (but cheap) NZXT case. Since it's being used for a VMware ESXi white box build, I have not even attempted to overclock at all. That being said I have been VERY satisfied with the performance of the system and I have been able to run more virtual machines on it than I had anticipated without experience any real slowdown. I actually hit RAM limits before I overload the CPU. It's amazing how much can be accomplished on a low budget these days. AMD has it's place in the market, and I hope they always will. I highly doubt they will dethrone Intel anytime soon, but I also feel that they really do not need to. The technology has come so far that unless you are doing VERY high end benchmarking or video gaming/rendering, you will generally be hard pressed to notice the performance difference in real world situations. I love my AMD build!
  7. Lackadaisical


    Good to hear you liked it. I just recently started playing through FEAR 2 and so far I am enjoying it. I like the fact that they basically continued the story arc where the original and the expansion left off, and I also appreciate the fact that the game feels quite similar as I really enjoyed the first iteration. My only complaint is that I don't have enough time to play games anymore!
  8. How is the performance on that system? My biggest issue with the home built NAS systems was not enough network performance for things like VMware. What protocols are you using to serve out storage?
  9. Have you tried replacing the thermal paste? Typically a lot of laptops are shipped with really terrible thermal paste, and redoing that can have quite an impact on temps.
  10. Uh that's crazy. Why would anyone with a Bachelors degree in a technology field want to work in the geek squad? There is no way they have many of those... But congrats on the job, it's a good way to get your foot in the door, goodluck!
  11. I would go with the WD reds, or the blacks. The main reason for this is these drives have enhancements for RAID so the drives are not going to drop off the array as easily. The "Desktop" drives do not have these capabilities and generally will drop off the array quicker if there is a minor error, as the drive will take a longer amount of time to reply. I would also recommend checking on the drives that are supported by Thecus for your particular NAS, that way if you run in to issues you have a much better chance of getting support. From a pure speed perspective the Blacks/or another "Enterprise" 7200RPM drive would be fastest, but in the end a lot of that is going to depend on the underlying network and the protocols you are using and if your network supports end to end jumbo frames. Also consider that If you are not doing LACP on your NICs you will be hitting the network speed limitation long before you hit the limit of the NAS and the hard drives.
  12. Classic Shell is also be a good option to get the more traditional start menu back. http://www.classicshell.net/
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