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  1. Nope. Not OC'd. I've done a memtest run recently, but that was due to one of my Ballistix DDR sticks going out (again, what a surprise).
  2. One thing I didn't mention that might affect things: When it does the random shut down, it's very sporatic. I might have one 24 hours after one, or it might be 5-6 days.
  3. I'll have to look into all the shorting, but I do have all 4 power connections plugged in.
  4. Well, a few months back, my Enermax EG565P-VE went out with a pop and never started again. I replaced that one with a Thermaltake Toughpower 600W. However, I had a new problem. Sporatically, the system would just shut down, for no good reason at all. Surfing the internet is hardly taxing, so after awhile, I picked up a Corsair HX520, figuring I just got a bum PSU. WRONG. I still have the shutdowns. What I have done: -A long clear CMOS with the board outside the case. -Checked for bulging caps, none found yet. It's winter now, and my temps on both cores don't see above 35*C right now. Connections are secure...so needless to say, I'm perplexed at what's going on.
  5. Guys, I finally found the culprit: one of my Ballistix sticks went belly up on me. I'm currently running the remaining stick at 2-2-2-6 with 11 strong at Prime. I looked at where the errors in memtest were coming from, and it was the same general area. Anyway, I talked to Crucial, and they've got a new stick en route.
  6. I do have the 4 power plugs plugged in, but I went ahead and cleared CMOS as directed. I got errors almost instantly with your settings, though. One of my possible issues was that I have the Clear CMOS jumper in the Clear position. I'm gonna give loggan's settings another run and see if that fixes anything. I don't know how drastically this affects things, but my DRAM Drive Strength doesn't have a level 8. It does have the following settings: Weak 1, Normal 1, Weak 2, Normal 2, Weak 3, Normal 3, Weak 4, Normal 4. With my DRAM Data Drive Strength, I have levels 1-3, but no 4. I have Auto available for both. My RAM is rated 2-2-2-8 @ PC3200
  7. Okay, I fell asleep during memtest, and I started getting errors in test 7 after 15 full passes. Any suggestions?
  8. I'm testing them out now. I'll give memtest a few passes just to make sure it all checks out, then go from there.
  9. Under load, I have CPU: 40*C PWM: 46*C Chipset: 39*C My modules are rated 2-2-2-8, but I've had them pretty slack with this 3700+.
  10. Yeah, I've been trying to get my Ultra-D flowing smoothly, but I'm having a helluva time getting this sucker stable. I've tried my Ballistix in the yellow and orange slots with no success. Now, I can pass memtest all day without issue, but I'm failing prime within 10 minutes. Anyway, here's my BIOS settings, so see if you can pick them apart and suggest something better: (704-2BTA BIOS) Genie BIOS FSB Bus Freq.: 200 LDT/FSB Freq Ratio: Auto LDT Bus Transfer: 16u/16d CPU/FSB Freq Ratio: X 11.0 PCIe Freq.: 100MHz K8 CnQ: Disable CPU VID Startup: Startup CPU VID: 1.350V CPU VID Special: 104% LDT Voltage: 1.40V Chipset Voltage: 1.60V DRAM Voltage: 2.80V DRAM + 0.3V: Disable DRAM Config: DRAM Freq: 200/1:1 CPC: Enable CAS: 2.5 Trcd: 04 Tras: 07 Trp: 04 Trc: 07 Trfc: 14 Trrd: 03 Twr: 03 Twtr: 02 Trwt: 02 Tref: 3120 DRAM Bank Interleave: Enable DQS Skew Control: Auto DQS Skew Value: 0 DRAM Drive Strength: Normal3 DRAM Data Drive Strength: Level 3 Max Asynch Latency: Auto DRAM Response Time: Normal Read Preamble: Auto IdleCycle: 256 Dynamic Counter: Disable R/W Queue Bypass: 16 X Bypass Max: 04 X 32 Byte Granularity: Disable (4 Bursts)
  11. Big B

    I can't pass my 2550MHz

    Tried running at a divider?
  12. Big B

    Wall @ 220

    I'm using an Enermax EG565P-VE. 535W with dual 18A 12V rails. Combined I get 34A, so I don't think I'm being held back. I've also checked them with a multimeter and it comes up as 12.01-12.03V.
  13. Big B

    Wall @ 220

    Okay, I've got the 704-2BTA BIOS flashed and am just doing a few passes with memtest to make sure I didn't do anything to screw up. RAM is in the Yellow slots. After a little testing, I'll post my current timings and go from there.
  14. Big B

    Wall @ 220

    You mean starting with the DQS Skew, right? Yeah, I've tried running it on a divider, but no love. I am going to try the 704-2bta BIOS and then switch my RAM to the yellow slots.
  15. Big B

    Wall @ 220