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Resurrected LPB

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Today USPS delivered an untested LPB from JRW21 which was reported dead by a previous buyer, but I guess your average eBayer doesn't know how to fix a corrupted bios. :D


The board was displaying the four LEDs of death, so I took a guess that it was probably BIOS corruption and (after about five minutes of research) popped my Infinity's BIOS chip into the LPB. Low and behold she booted up fine, so I hot flashed the corrupted ROM using the dental floss method and now everything's running great. Since I've got this spare BIOS chip handy, I'm now giving Hellfire's Rev. 3 a try, and I'll probably be playing around with a couple other modded BIOSes over the next few days.


My 600 watt OCZ Powerstream SLI also arrived, so once I get everything up and running I think I'll be in for a serious overclocking session. Presently I think my RAM is the only thing holding me back from high FSBs, and I'm very tempted to pick up either 2x512 Mb oldschool BH-5 or 2x1 GB OCZ/G.Skill UCCC. However, I'm also saving for a lovely Gainward 7800GS+, and somewhere out there is a new modded Lian-Li PC7 with my name on it. I could also just as easily drop $150 on custom cooling, voltmodding supplies, and new caps for this motherboard. Hell, I'll get to all this stuff eventually. :rolleyes:

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@Iggy: Congrats.


@Bleach: You'll have to Email Happy_Games his email address is in his sig. He can tell you where in New Zealand you can get one. (Yer' a long way's away)You might be able to hotflash it from another nf2 the instructions for that you'll find in the bios factory. I think they're maybe in Tmods sig.

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