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  1. I'm going to be picking up a decommissioned workstation from an MRI analysis lab with hopes to convert it to an audio production rig and mid-lowend gaming system. It's running dual 3.6 Nocona Xeons on a Tyan EATX motherboard using the Intel E7525 chipset - the board has 8 DDR2 slots and one PCI-E 1.0 16x slot. My plans include upgrading the memory to 4x1 Gb (board has issues with 2 Gb DIMMs) and installing dual Raptor X's in RAID 0 for the boot drive/games. I was looking for some suggestions for a reasonably priced GPU that would not be too bottlenecked by these older netburst CPUs. I was currently thinking one of the following: $90 - Refurb BFG 8800GTS 640 Mb: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814143212 $130 - XFX HD 4850: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814150351 $170 - XFX HD5770: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...0-447-_-Product - probably overkill? I'm getting the system itself for $150 and would like to spend $400 or less once all upgrades are said and done. I do realize that this system is vastly inferior to a $500 basic gaming tower utilizing a modern CPU, but my goal is absolute stability on a slim budget. Thanks for any suggestions/input.
  2. I'm currently working as a technician at a local computer shop in Eugene, OR and will be studying Audio Engineering at the Evergreen State College come Fall 2010. My longtime friend and old neighbor forms the other half of the dynamic techie duo at the computer store - we spend eight hours a day, five days a week under the glow of fluorescent lights fixing anything and everything that comes our way. He handles laptops and the majority of difficult software problems while I tackle most hardware issues, high performance gaming systems, consoles, heat problems, and soldering jobs. It's a good gig and I have a significant degree of freedom due to my employer's lack of current technical knowledge, but I wish it paid better.
  3. Pilsner Urquell, Bittburger, Baileys, St. Pauli.
  4. I'd recommend you take a look at the Sony MDR7506---I've owned a pair since 2005 and they've carried me through more than a couple tournament firsts at this point. Incredibly well built, professional grade headphones that are as good for shooters as they are for music, IMO.
  5. I get about 10-25 FPS regardless of settings, and Shangri La isn't even close to playable. Suppose that's what I get for running a four year old CPU. The gameplay is intriguing though, seems like Epic's done a good job of recreating the classic UT feel in a new engine. Can't wait to try it out with playable FPS on the MacBook.
  6. Iggy

    Dream Job

    Payed overclocker.
  7. That's really sweet, I think I know what I'm doing with my next paycheck.
  8. I think M$ just got themselves a future Xbox 360 owner.
  9. I was thinking more along the lines of graphical performance rather than raw CPU speed---there are other AXP's which have surpassed this build in MHz, but none would survive Quake 4 on ultra quality or Oblivion at high(er) details.
  10. I was thinking more along the lines of graphical performance rather than raw CPU speed---there are other AXP's which have surpassed this build in MHz, but none would survive Quake 4 on ultra quality or Oblivion at high(er) details.
  11. Ballistix arrived, current status: I think I can safely say that this system is one of the top ten fastest Socket A machines ever built.
  12. My copy of BC came today, and I'm planning on rolling a Blood Elf with my horde friends from school. I've got an active high end guild lined up, so now I'd just like to get a little feedback on high level impressions of the Paladin and Rogue classes. I've played on my friend's 60 rogue and the DPS and stealth aspects are crazy fun, but I do enjoy having some benefits aside from raw DPS output when it comes to grouping. There also seems to be a stigma against rogues in general, and the class really reminds me of my CS:S play style (high damage, cheap, and sneaky as all hell). While I've never had to chance to play on a high level pally, they seem like a much more sociable class with a wide variety of buffs and dispels to handle almost every situation. I'm a pretty friendly guy, and I enjoy the ability to help out the over-aggroed stranger with a buff or heal. The lack of ranged attacks and supposed uselessness in raids is a bit of a drawback though, not to mention the fact that like 75% of Blood Elves are going to be Paladins. Any insight/suggestions?
  13. Quick update, the chip is quite happy at 12.5x200 with 1.65v, although after that it seems to hit a substantial voltage wall. 13.5x200 is roughly stable with 1.9v, and I don't feel comfortable pushing any more voltage into the chip for 24/7 operation. The video card has issues in WoW with any significant overclocking, although Oblivion and ATITool both appear to be artifact free at 500 Mhz Core and 1400 Mhz memory. If I have time I may buckle down and do the vgpu and vdd mods for the 7800GS+, since it seems to be experiencing issues similar to other G71 based cards I've worked with (artifacting at stock speeds/insufficient vcore). Crucial was out of stock on the tracers, so I'm still waiting for some good ram before I can start increasing the fsb beyond 200. I did get to play around with a 2x512 Mb UTT Ballistix kit this weekend for about half and hour, and I was able to boot into windows at a 260 MHz fsb. Granted I won't experience the same sort of luck with a 2x1 Gb kit on NF2, but at least I know that the motherboard is capable of a high FSB without mods.
  14. I'd generally agree w/ you on that one, but 7506's have more accurate reproduction and are more comfortable than similarly priced AKG240's or Sennheiser HD280's IMO.
  15. I've had those Klipsch 2.1's for about a year and a half now and they're great, I went with them over the GMX's due to raw power output. Too bad I rarely use them since I got my MDR7506's.
  16. Yeah, most of my friends who are now building C2D and 939 rigs think I'm crazy, but I do have a couple reasons for pouring so much time, money, and energy into a machine based on a 3+ year old architecture: -I've been overclocking Athlon XP's from the beginning---my first chip was a 1600+ Palomino, and I know DFI's Lanparty/Infinity NF2 boards like the back of my hand (almost literally). Since this is partly a project for school, I decided to go with an architecture I knew well enough to create something unique. -Even without significant tweaking and voltmodding, this machine is probably one of the top ten fastest Socket A machines ever built (at least graphically speaking), and if that's not worth something, I don't know what is. Every part has been hand picked because it is something special, and no off the shelf rig built entirely from Newegg has anything on that. Hardware becomes obsolete, world records do not. -Along with bragging rights, appearances are almost always more important to me than actual performance. Even though I'm building $800 systems for friends that can keep pace or surpass my system in most games, I will still have the best looking, most unique box in the house at the majority of LANs I will attend. I won't deny it, this thing's a show rig and I love it. Wow, thanks everybody.
  17. Thanks guys! @sdy: Yes, those are Klipsch Promedia 2.1's, the sub's under the desk. @nrg: LOL yeah I know I need it bad, too long even for my tastes.
  18. So these days I'm pretty much a lurker around here, but I thought I'd pop in and give you guys a little preview of the new system I've been working on for the last few weeks. This system is doubling as a product for my high school senior project as well as my new gaming/LAN PC, and is more or less showcasing my technical abilities along with my current employment as a part-time network/hardware technician for the school district. When the machine is entirely finished I'll probably post a log with all the pics that were taking during construction, but for now, here are the specs: -Athlon XP Mobile 2600+ IQYHA 0351MPMW (anyone who remembers their Socket A steppings will know just what amazing chips these are) -DFI Lanparty B nForce2 Taiwan w/ Hellfire's 3EG Rev. 3 BIOS (arguably the best revision of the best Socket A board ever made) -2x1Gb Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC4000 (while these sticks are currently on RMA w/ Crucial, I'm sure you guys know what Micron 5B chips can do ) -Gainward Bliss 7800GS+ (arguably the fastest AGP card ever made, a 512 Mb 7900GT bridged to AGP) -PC Power & Cooling 510 ATX Deluxe (no explanation needed ) -2x Hitachi 80 Gb 7200 RPM SATA RAID 0 (didn't have the funds for the dual Raptor X's this time around) -Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic Case and watercooling, all parts use 1/2" fittings: -Heavily Modified Lian-Li PC-7+ (casters from the Vxx00 series, alluminum case handles, 120mm side fan and blowhole, custom lighted power switch, fully sleeved interior wiring---thanks to Performance-Pcs.com for this one) -Swiftech Storm Rev. 2 ^_^ -Heatkiller GPU-X for 7800GS-512 AGP (custom full coverage block imported from Germany) -Swiftech MCP355/Laing DDC+ w/ Alphacool Acrylic Top (modified for 1/2" fittings) -Dual Black Ice GTS Steath Radiators -Dual 3.5" Acrylic Bay-Res Fans, lights, and everything else: -Fully UV Green Sleeved/Heatshrinked Interior Wiring (this includes everything: power supply, fan power leads, extension cables, cathode wiring, and even the pump are fully sleeved) -2x Logisys UV-Blue Inter-Switchable UV/Blue Cold Cathodes -Sunbeam Rheobus w/ Lian-Li Front Cover -3x Cooler Master 120mm Quad Blue LED Fans -1x Aerocool Streamliner 140mm Blue LED Fan (mounted between front bezel and case) -UV Green SATA & IDE Cables (bet you didn't see that coming) -Samsung 18X DVD
  19. Yes, CPC off would appy to 1024Mb sticks as well, since it's density that really counts (hence why single-sided oldschool BH-5 sticks are amazing in nF2).
  20. Make sure to turn CPC off---nF2 memory controllers aren't particularly fond of 2Gb @ 1T (at least mine isn't).
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