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  1. This brings back memories....... Tmod-Loggan... Peep's workin' together. To figure out all the diffrent values for all the diffrent devices and setting to hack up a new modded bios for the various boards.. (I didn't help but I watched.. ) I miss that.....
  2. Ambient 20c Idle 22c Load 41c. Gigabyte 990FXA UD7 rev 1.1 f11d bios [email protected] Vcore 1.3125,(stock) WaterBlock Koolance 380a,Pump D5.Classic ThermoChill PA140.3(G3/8) with shroud 115cfm 140mm fans in pull.
  3. Lately I've been buying some of my stuff here: http://www.koolertek.com/ All of my orders are shipped and delivered promptly. I've got no complaints so far. I got my pa140.3 from them. And 20# of my YL 88's. (@$3.95 each good price!) And 10# g3/8 barbs when some of the others had oversold. You might add them to the list. (If you like..)
  4. This thread is a carry over from DFI street. It was moderated by the TheFlowerKing. It was started for AMD 754-939 and am2's were also later welcome.. We also had a socket "A" toaster thread for 2500mhz or 250 fsb(or both). The socket "A" toasters were awarded with a custom sig. Made by "TheKingofNothing". There was a lot of camaraderie in helping each other overclock to get our toaster sigs. Tons of fun!! I miss it.. I like to come back and look over the old thread. It brings back some happy memories. For instance: For the original "Toaster" the requirement was just a screenshot showing cpuz cpu and mermory tabs and an error free 8+ hours run of prime95t mixed blend ..Plus the score of a successful 3dmark01 run. All in the same screenshot. posted in the toaster thread. Later OCDB entries were required for the toasters, and the ggg club. screen shots added requiring 3dmark03, 3dmark05, and aquamark3.. Plus cpuz,cpu and memory tabs in each additional screenshot.. I think later they added 3dmark06 but I wasn't playing anymore. Everest screenshots were optional. (Edit5:) All to be posted in the overclockers database thread with a list of all hardware and bios settings.CPU stepping ect Using the overclocker database form. (OCBD) WHEEW!! LOL.... I think that covers the history of this thread. A screenie of cpuz,just wasn't good enough.. Edit Revision4 BIGTIME!!: There is already a very nice AMD overclocking thread here. Sorry about all the of the redundant typing and edits.... I really do need some new glasses...(I'm blind as a bat even with a 27' monitor.) Here: For those as blind as me. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=166630 Edit6: Wow that was alot of editing. And after rereading it I really should start over... Oh well... Thanks for putting up with me people.
  5. I am so glad I live in AZ!!!!!!! It was always an open carry state.. But Nowadaze anyone over 21 can put their pistols in their pockets.. And it's legal! Imagine that .. Legalizing the constitution... Who would have guessed??
  6. Yuma... Today it was nice and cool though. 77.5f now on the front porch. I think on the average it's a bit warmer here. But then I haven't looked at a weather map in ages.... The temps can make overclocking a bit difficult. Especially since I'm used to the heat. And when I lower the temps enough to make much of a difference to the computer. It's too cold for me..
  7. Oh yeah it's that time of year again I've got to run my window AC or my gfx card gives errors. Heheh... Good thing I checked my loop as I had a full blown algae bloom in progress.. LOL I thought it a bit odd that my ambient to cpu load delta was a couple of c higher than it should have been.(3-5c normally) So when I finally decided to check it. It was alive!! Mine's just a single core and my cooling is probably something pretty close to okay for it.. I live in AZ it already in the 90's here during the day..(Currently 58.5 outside)
  8. A quickie.... Idle Loaded Looks like I really really need to clean up my block!!!! Room temp 27.4.. I really should check my pump too.
  9. Clay

    Another noob again...

    Thank you everyone.. @ El_Capitan: I don't know who that is... Still if we go back enough generations,I probably am...LOL...
  10. Hello everyone! (I hope I got this in the right thread.) I'm a carry-over from DFI-street.. Who had some trouble logging in. I'm building a new rig now. So I'll be reading and commenting along with the rest of ya's.. Best to all of ya's.. "Clay"
  11. Hello Welcome.. I'm new again too.. I'm a carry over from the DFI-street OCC merger. And I was finally able to login. LOL..
  12. Graham... Hows everything?

    After all these years I was able to finally reset my password...

  13. While I really don't think it's much of an upgrade. It's a pretty good replacement. The sticks are getting bigger and cheaper. Processors are certainly cheaper.
  14. Hehe... Asus forums? I remember that place . I got about 100 posts over there mostly trying to tell new builders that they can't reuse thermal tape. And trying to tell the guy with 7998 posts that the guy with the a7n8x-e del and utt-ch5 can't put his mems on a divider because that board doesn't have any.. And it probably wouldn't help much even if it did..(Max vdimm 2.8. 2.9 with modded bios) Don't get me too wrong. There are/were some very knowledgible people over there. But they kinda' seemed to be spread abit thin. I remember "Trats" would stop by and would build a custom bios on request. (That was cool... LOL) Humm.... A user operated ASUS forum? That's probably a really good thing! Heh... But I think I gave up on asus's along time ago. Maybe someday I'll look into them again. (But for now, I kinda" doubt it)
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