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  1. good bioses...just register on the forum and search
  2. Unfortunetly Now I am running an Hp DV9575ep Laptop...My lpb had problems and so I send it to a friend of my father to recap it.. I still have a deffective one that I'll send to dfi to repair.. Unfortunetly no backplate.. But be carefull with those coolers...the slk900U that I had kill one of my dfis.. Go to dfi club..there are new bios from neo for nf2
  3. any jumper should work..have uoou tried a good clear cmos? try Nforce 11.16 remix
  4. those speakers are digital right?why don't u link it via spdif? There was a bug with centre speaker in nf2..google it and you may have the solution... I suggest you to use NForce Unidified 11.16 Remix since they have the latest files,much newer than nvidias 5.10 drivers
  5. lol..yeah I know =) steal another for me as my board is going crazy :S
  6. there is no reason why you shouldn't see 240/250 on tccd...very easy =)
  7. you should posted here: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=8 check your sata cables..those cables are terrible... about the drivers use the latest ojnes..I think they are this ones http://www.siliconimage.com/docs/3114_x86_10200_logo.zip other thing,be sure to have sata raid enabled in bios,not sata... about your hdd..if it is sata2 put the jumper to lock it @sata 1... Hope it helps.. you can add me on msn that I'll try to help u in portuguese =)
  8. orange..go to global.dficlub.com search neo's post..I'm sure he can do a bios that solves your problem..
  9. It is not nvidia problem,it is the fact that,that card is a pci e card with an agp bridge or something like that.. use trp 3 instead of 2...in mem timings,I guess it helps.. oh..and cool that brige.there was a thread here about that..But I don't know if it got any solution
  10. it matches,only 4 pins will be "outside" but it workd good,I have mine like that..with adapters is worse..sorry my english
  11. try another keyboard fisrt..sometimes that can be your problem..a friend o f mie had a problem of that type I think
  12. try the frontx if it connected..and try realtek drivers...
  13. I think yes...check t-mods bios cd or loggan26 page
  14. thnks elano..I am testing 246 fsb..my "wall" in the tic tac bios was +- 247mhz fsb..let's see what can I do.. my timings are: 11-2-2-2-2t-13-15-3-3-4-3-2-2-3-E-E-Fast-1t-(4-11)-(4-11)-(4-11),but as soons as I know the slots order I will substitute the empty slot 4-11 for 1-10
  15. Hi guys,I decided to post here some useful links for people with nforce2 systems,and other systems too How to Start Overclocking the DFI NF2 Creative Modded Drivers - Youp Pax Nforce modded Drivers there are lots of useful links,but genneraly this ones are not very common and can be very good to solve problems
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