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os install on SATA II drive

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I 've pass the last 2 hours, reading for some trick/tips with SATA II drive, im sure those question have been asked more then once, but i didnt find a coorect answer yet


i will get 2 80gb sataII drive, (already made a topic to know which on to buy in hte recommendation /hot deal section) i will put those drive in raid, like my 2 maxtor SATA drive, install with F6 driver ..... i had always install windows whitout the IDE SW driver even when i was using RAID, with the SATA II drive (not sure yet but sound like im gonna get some seagate) i will need to install the IDE SW driver to have the sata 3.0Gb feature right???


to enable those SATA 3.0Gb feature do i need to run the seagate disk utlity??? or in hardware option i=of windows will have those ???


should i enable NCQ or use the sata 3.0gb feature withou the NCQ???


thnx for your replies,

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But I don't see why you don't just save the money and get some normal SATA150 drives?

where i am sata2 drives are the same $ so why get 150 ???


with some drives like hitachi you need to get a disk utility (Feature tool 4 hitachi) & enable sata2. not sure re seagate u will have to check their website.


Windoiws should select the sata mode automatically my hitachi showing as sata 2.



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Guest Kobalt

On Seagate drives, they have a jumper for either SATA 1.5 or SATA 3.0

The BIOS will see the drive, and if the jumper is in correct position, it will detect a SATA II drive.


For windows, it don't really matter which drivers you install, (MS or nvidia) they will be the same speed. As long has you have the latest updates, you should be fine.


Heck, very little difference in real world over SATA 1.5 & 3.0 & ATA 133/150.

If you want speed, then you must use RAID. If want more speed, then RAID a couple of Raptors, even more speed, then get SCSI/fiberchannel. :)

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thats what im gonna do, raid those 2 seagate :D, while the 2 maxtor already raided are going in my nf2 rig, with a brand new Lan party ultra-B


im gonna get the seagate and put the jumper at 3.0Gbs, install IDE SW and give a try


thnx for the info Guys

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