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    hard drives & raid - benchmark and compare!

    Just a few pages back m8:lol: Enter the Matrix There's a few assocated posts after the link i just gave. luck:)
  2. supershanks

    anyone running an X38 Board?

    Sorry same applies then:lol:
  3. supershanks

    anyone running an X38 Board?

    Like i said in the PM a couple of eeks ago, If you look at this review CoolIT Freezone CPU Cooleryou'll see how it fits, it looks similar to a water block. You just need to have room in your case to put the rest.not sure how good it is Air-, Liquid- and Thermo-Electrical Cooling Technologies in One: CoolIT Freezone Review (page 10) Luck:)
  4. supershanks

    Abit IX38 Quad GT

    I got 1 when i 1st moved to c2d, wnt for a week or so wondering what was wrong with my temps, they were toasting. I ended up RMaing it , sounds ridiculous with a cooler, but replacement worked as it should. All i can think off it was a damaged heatpipe. Believe me i was an expert at mounting & unmounting them:lol: Have not tried my q6600 on airt am quiet interested to see results. Am 18hr prime stable on 1.40v @9x400. [email protected] ain't bad though:nod:
  5. supershanks

    Abit IX38 Quad GT

    hi m8 how ya doing:nod: not tempted to the dark side yet?? :cool: or just not updated your siggy :eek2:(hastily doing his own:lol:)
  6. supershanks

    Abit IX38 Quad GT

    Is that the Ultra or the extreme?? I had an ultra a while back b4 i moved to water, Thought they still turned but the old grey cells may be playing tricks:lol: That's pretty cool then in more ways than 1:lol: Got an ultima 90 i wanna try on the abit barebones b4 i try it on water. Luck:)
  7. supershanks

    Abit IX38 Quad GT

    Have you tried selectively tightening the securing bolts.?? Assuming cores are :- 0 2 1 3 try tightening the bolt a half turn on the corner near the hottest core , i'm on water but use the same principal, got about 4~5C diff now. It'll be interesting to see how it goes 7x500 on air more or less out the box ain't a bad start.
  8. Went retail today just *issed it wasn't me that got the board, have one on pre-orderpre-order Abit iX38 QuadGT Tammy Jwat:lol: still it looks fairly good , apart from what appears to be a non std nb mounting (shades of DFI) & an apparent lack of usb ports.
  9. supershanks

    X38 DDR2 - Which one

    Yes fair point re gigabyte the DQ6 range, it has been very successsful, have read that that's the main reason that gigabyte were 1st to market by about a week with the x38. wevsspot, your shaowing your age:D, mind you think i was just behind in the queue, as i have similar memories. Seems we save money on cpus these days and have to blow it on mobos. Hvinfg slobbered a bit last night over the maximus, i'm still drawn to the cheaper but similarly specced abit quad, will wait & see the benches
  10. supershanks

    X38 DDR2 - Which one

    Surfs up on Asus Maximus Formula SE X38 & but Abit IX38 QuadGT is due out next week. Am discounting the dfi offering, expecting it as usual some time after the rest. Last 2 boards have been Asus, commando , which is also ROG:eek: (5/10) & p5k dlxe (9/10) I do feel that quality & support are a bit of a lottery with asus, but as usual, the board looks good. I'm unsure which to get, has anyone else got plans, ideas, or are you holding out till penryn & ddr3 cheers
  11. Ya got my vote Great work. Thanks for sharing. luck:)
  12. supershanks

    Compo - Win a Q6600

    seen here:-
  13. supershanks

    How to Overclock my ASUS P5B

    What brand memory have you, some 667 will overclock further if you slacken timings &/or increase ram voltage. You might also investigate divider options. You might also find the guides in the stickies helpful & also Clunk's Core 2 Duo Basic Overclocking guide for beginners luck:)
  14. supershanks

    Overclocking CPU

    with a Go yep. The main isssue with b2 as ststed is heat. more info Quad Core Thread: Overclocking, Cooling, Motherboards, Troubleshooting & General Info & Clunk luck:)